Monday Night Raw: 11/28/2011: Review

This weeks Raw opens with Piper’s Pit and if you ever wanna see yours truly mark out you shoulda saw the pitiful display that was when I met Roddy Piper this past October.  I had a really eloquent poem about how instead of being “just another guy” who won the world title, he might be the greatest to ever not hold the world title ready to fly until he placed his hand on my shoulder. I was reduced to a pathetic mumbling puddle  and uttered something about how great I was to meet my legend of they live united states title bret hart back lot brawl haiti kid.  Needless to say If Piper is opening Raw, I’m a fan.  So with Piper the WWE has decided to address the purple shirted elephant in the room that is no one likes John Cena.  I think last week in ECW country of Pennsylvania would have been suited for this segment than South Carolina.  No disrespect to the birth land of….stuff…but this place wasn’t so much anti-Cena and just pro whatever was happening.  The segment was good with Piper begging Cena to address the boos but he just rises above hate with hustle loyal and farts and just won’t give up the troops make a wish. Was this a tease to a Cena heel turn?  Was this all for nothing? Will this subject ever be addressed again? Just when you get all the answers the WWE never addresses the questions.

The Miz def John Morrison:  In John Morrison’s swan song he comes out and is immediately attacked by The Miz with a pipe to the knee.  The falls count anywhere match starts with Morrison on a bum wheel but he does show some heart and mount some offense but Miz dispatches him easily at the top of the ramp with a skull crushing career finale.  The word around the camp fire is this is it for Morrison as he wants to pursue an acting career (lol) So I guess this did help to build up The Miz as Morrison was taken away on a stretcher and Miz does away with another former friend.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox def  The Bella Twins. The match was a dud but the Divas of Doom do a lap around the ring trying to be pin up strong.  That is all.

Dolph Ziggler def Randy Orton:  My only problem with this match is they changed Zigglers music…again!  No more “I am perfection”  No they are running with this “show off” thing which is fine, but I’m being selfish, I loved that song.  Wade Barrett joins the announcers for this solid well paced match.  Wade interferes and Ziggler gets a win and then stands on his head because we can’t….seriously not that long.

Cole interviews Daniel Bryan about last weeks Smackdown where he cashed in money in the bank and won the title only to have it reversed because Mark Henry was hurt (???????)  This segment was to promote Smackdown’s live tuesday night show and I was fine with it.  Bryan gets praised for his wrestling with good reason but given the chance he’s not a complete waste on the mic, he held his own against Cole tonight.  Henry comes out and Bryan kicks him in his leg on the way by.

Ryder def Swagger: This match was ok, Ryder is over as hell but sometimes he’s subpar in the ring, tonight being no exception.  He’s still going to make a fun US champion someday.

Cm Punk def Alberto Del Rio:  The announcers pointed out all night that this is the first time the WWE title is defended on Raw since August something or other, that’s not really something to hang your hat on, rather pointing out not a lot of important matches have happened on Raw lately.  I’m ok with the WWE title not being defended on the reg, but maybe the tag titles, US title, IC title could use some matches here and there.  This match was good, with Del Rio working Punk’s arm for the majority of the match.  The end was interesting with the use of some DQ gimmicks and ending with Punk dropping Del Rio on the exposed turn buckle for the win.  This still leaves us with the question of what is the program leading into the next PPV for Punk?  Del Rio again? The Miz maybe, I guess we’ll have to wait til next week for some solid answers.


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