Aquaman #3: Review

I know what you’re thinking… “Really!? An Aquaman review!?” Well this is a great book so far and it even addressed that people perceive him as a lame superhero.

The story focuses on new underwater dwellers from deep within the Atlantic trench, which rise to the surface for the first time. During the first issue they attacked a small fishing boat and ate the men on the boat alive and whatever they didn’t eat they would spit on and declare as their own and bring it back with them. So eventually they show up on shore and this obviously gains the attention of Aquaman and Mera. They arrive at a seaside dock and begin fighting the terrible things from the deep that, by the way, are scary as hell thanks to the incredible art of Ivan Reis. Eventually all the things are repelled and they head back to the trench leaving one deathly wounded behind. Also it appeared to Aquaman that they create scuba diving type cocoons that can sustain people alive in water. Then the police kind of being dicks to Aquaman told him in a round about way he couldn’t handle the monsters and that they’ll take the body, so Aquaman was like fuck that and took the monster to an old acquaintance, Mr. Shin. Who by the way tried to kill Aquaman for not telling him where Atlantis was. Anyways Mr. Shin agrees to look at the monster and concludes that it’s from deep in the Atlantic in the Trench. So off Mera and Aquaman go to find the people the monsters took and stop them for good.

This is an excellent book, it was quite surprising basically because it was an Aquaman book, but he shouldn’t be underestimated! The story is very good I was hooked the first issue and still am. The art of Ivan Reis is fantastic!! He’s definitely in my top 5. So if your one of those people that thinks Aquaman sucks then you’ll get a kick outta this arc because it’s addressed by many people about how he has lame powers. There was always an old joke with my friends about the only comic left of new comic day was an old Aquaman issue in this little comic shop. That aside, Geoff Johns has changed my mind about Aquaman and turned him into a cool and likeable character.

Story- B

Artwork- A-



~ by ATOM on November 26, 2011.

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