Pop Junk’s Best and Worst of Thanksgiving.

Yeah...I doubt it

Thanksgiving: No pressure of buying gifts, Plenty of Football to keep everyone occupied and quiet and all the shitty food you can stuff down your noise hole.  Thanksgiving is a great holiday despite some historical inaccuracy but we won’t get into that today…the thing Thanksgiving is it get no love in cinema.  There’s not a ton of”Movies about or taking place on Thanksgiving.  So I did some digging and made this list of the best/worst movies about (In some shape or form) Thanksgiving.

Planes Trains and Automobiles: This movies is two comedy juggernauts at their very best.  This John Hughes classic about a man trying to get home to his family for Thanksgiving is a great and truely underrated 80’s comedy.  I enjoy the roll reversal of Steve Martin being the uptight straightman rather than the zanny “look at me” guy of the film and Candy is brilliant in this flick.  There’s not a ton of Thanksgiving flicks but this is one if not the best.

Thankskilling:  This shit burger I have not actually watched with my own two eyes but once I saw it was available to stream on netflix I put it on the list.  The description givne is  “While on their way home for Thanksgiving break, five college kids run afoul of a homicidal turkey that wants them dead. As the cursed bird hunts them down one by one, the survivors scramble to find a way to defeat the possessed creature.”…you had me at “homicidal turkey”

Son in Law: Yeah a Paulie Shore movie made a Pop Junk list, I guess I can shut down the blog, plop my thumb in my ass and call it a day.  Hot off of the heels of Encino Man Paulie Shore took his act (?) to top billing in this 90’s comedy (not really) about a chick who goes away to school as a stuck up farm girl and comes home a different person and has her friend pretend to be her boyfriend to shame her parents maybe??? I went on Rotten Tomatoes to get a sysnopsis because I haven’t seen this movie in years but I coldn’t get past the first “user” review that said “You’ll laugh till the cows come home” (face palm)  It’s just Paulie Shore vs Farm Animals and conservative people.  It’s not fuck-awful but it sucks. I guess a few good things are Ham from the “Sandlot” is in it and Kelly Kapowski does a PG stripetease….it’s actually not that cool.

Pieces of April: This movie revolves around a dysfunctional family gathering as the family’s freaky daughter played by Katie Holmes has invited her conservative family for dinner in her shit-hole apartment and wackiness ensues.  This movie actually exsists in my DVD collection because Sage (my fiance and better known as Pop Junk’s resident American Horror Story writer) enjoys this flick so that on top of an 84% possitve on Rotten Tomatoes means it’s probably doesn’t suck.

Adams Family Values: There’s a scene where the Adams kids put on a Thanksgiving play at Camp…thats close enough.

This was basically just an excuse to talk about these movies and how much they rule.  Maybe not this one so much but The first Adams Family movie from the early 90’s was a big deal at it’s conception and then forgotten.  Well fuck that!  The cast was amazing, it was funny as hell, it still holds up What really gets lost is the look of the movie was great (and not a Tim Burton movie much to everyone surprise) and how it was made from a medicore 60’s sitcom and made fresh for today’s audience (ysterdays) and really work on the big screen which TV to Movie rarely ever does.  “Values” was the not so sucsessful sequel but it’s still funny and if it’s on and I can’t get up and put in the first one, then hell yeah I’d watch it!

Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving:  Well replace Christmas and it’s the same damn premise, but hell if it ain’t broken right.  It was originally aired on the CBS network on November 20, 1973, and won an Emmy Award the following year. As of 2007, the special is aired every November in Prime Time on ABC so suck on that if you can stay awake tomorrow, or don’t.

Dutch: It wasn’t until just this moment that I realized John Hughes “Dutch” is the exact same premise as “Planes Trains and Automobiles” but who cares, I love this movie.  I don’t know if it’s nostalgia or the fact that I think Ed O’Neil’s comedic timing is amazing but screw the 14% on Rotten Tomatoes this movie gets because it’s entertaining and funny.  It is weird in the fact that sometimes it sort of promotes violence against children I’m fine with it because in the movie the kid is a little asshat and he grows up to become this dweeb.

How can you resist the urge to punch that?

Thanksgiving:  This was one of the trailers made for Grindhouse and I enjoyed this more than either of the full length features.  Eli Roth put this gem together and the rumor is he wants to make it a full length feature because he’s running out of real ideas.  Anyhow, if you don’t both laugh and appreciate Bruce Willis tasting a crime scene and saying “it’s blood” and Micheal Biehn replying with “Son of a bitch”  then go to bed with no dinner cause you suck!

NSFW (Blood and Titties)

Ok so that’s it;  not a ton of love for the fat person’s Holiday in the way of cinema but who cares, we came here to eat, not watch movies.  So be thankful, or be a cynical asshole, either way, just don’t make dinner awkward. Happy Thanksgiving Junkers.


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  1. Yeaaahhh Pieces of April!

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