Survivor Series: Never Before, Never Again: Review

Here We go, The Rock’s big return to the ring plus a slew of title matches and a traditional Survivor Series match to boot; so here we go!

Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison: I’ve been down on John Morrison and his army of the 12 monkeys but him and Ziggler put on a hell of an opening match.  Then again, me and Ziggler could have put on an awesome opening match.  The “We Want Ryder” chant breaks out mid-match and it just must rule to be John Morrison at this point.  After Vickie gets kicked out of being at ring side but Ziggler picks up the clean win anyhow.  Ziggler cuts a quick promo after the match when Ryder comes out and attacks Ziggler and celebrates in front of his hometown…sorta.  I don’t think it woulda been premature to have Ziggler and Ryder fight at Survivor Series but I guess they wanna build it, I’m fine with that….and maybe they wanted John Morrison to have one last match….awww.

Beth vs Eve:  This match wasn’t terrible which is a total complement.  Although with all the divas at ring side cheering on their respective heel or face it sounded like 5th grade recess. The final spot which was a top rope glamslam was pretty fuckin impressive as well.  Great Job everyone!

The Rock stands backstage and gives undeniably one hell of a promo and everyone in that WWE locker room should have watched that in shame….also turn Cena heel and stop humiliating him.

Team Orton vs Team Barrett: This match starts with each person being introduced individually which was a nice touch and took about twenty minutes. ( The highlight of the intros was Mason Ryan climbing to the top rope and pointing at his bicep and some guy from the crowd yells clear as day “That’s all you’ve got” and it’s true, it’s damn true.  So I am I’m a sucker for the traditional survivor series match, I don’t know why, there’s nothing at stake but their just a lot of fun.  So rather than cover all the actions I’ll report who got eliminated by who and in what order.  Ziggler is first to go via Randy Knock Out.  Next Sin Cara has to leave the match via injury. (6-8 weeks….meh)    Ok so Cody Rhodes hits crossroads on Mason Ryan and the crowd pops big time.  Makes me happy, cause Cody Rhodes is one of the best in the WWE right now.   Kofi is next to get eliminated via Wasteland by Barrett.  Sheamus gets eliminated by DQ for too many knees.  That leaves Randy Orton who picks up a quick pin on Swagger and then hits a high flying RKO on Hunico.  Barrett enters the ring and hits Wasteland and picks up the win for Team Barrett.

Survivors: Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

Big Show vs Mark Henry:  Big Show stomps around to make sure the ring is secure this time around and then these two monsters lock up for the start of the match.  There’s not a hell of a lot to talk about with a Mark Henry/Big Show match.  They don’t move around a ton but they do the best with what they can for what their bodies allow.  The “We Want Ryder” chant and “Boring” chant is a bit much by the NYC crowd….although I guess the “Daniel Bryan” chant is a bit more relevant if you are an avid Smackdown viewer.  After lumbering around inside and outside The Big Show actually performed a Flying Elbow off the top rope and made this match worth it.  Although the finish flat-out sucked because Henry is DQ’ed for kicking The Big Show square in the dick.  Oh well.  Post match Big Show breaks Mark Henry’s leg…?

Cm Punk vs Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio comes out first driving in style in a 2004 Black Toyota Carola, and I’m like hey that’s my car. honk honk! So CM Punk has his own ring announcer tonight and it’s Howard Finkle.  Pretty cool stuff, his NYC pop was enormous, and I do appreciate the H2O hoodie worn by CM Punk.  This match was a ton of fun just because of how into the crowd was into it alone.  This sounded like an old school ECW crowd and Punk had them wrapped around his finger the whole match.  WWE; you have a #1 face….turn Cena heel!  Pass the torch to CM Punk and stop making Cena look ridiculous getting boo’ed out of every arena for no good reason.  Anywho Del Rio almost gets the win with a handful of tights, but Punk kicks out and applies the Anaconda Vice and gets the win and the title!  Good for Punk, a win at MSG must be awesome and he deserves the title right now.

The Rock and Cena vs The Miz and R-Truth: Rock starts the match and looks really crisp right away and makes you remember how good he was back in the day.  He’s welcomed with his first chant of the night from the MSG crowd with “You’ve still got it”  Cena gets in and tries to one up Cena but then it’s apparent that he has to carry the rest of the match because he’s in the ring for the next 15 minutes.  After a long beat down on Cena the crowd explodes for the hot tag, Rock cleans house and for the first time maybe ever gets a pin fall off the people elbow.  Post match The Rock and Cena exchange climbing the ropes for a pop and you almost want to cry for Cena.  The guy works his ass off for the WWE and he has to deal with this shit.  If ever was there a justified heel turn, it’s this…but the WWE has no balls and needs t-shirt money.  The heat is so raw and real that marching out out there every night as the smiling baby face is getting stupid and tonight with the Rock he looked like a complete bitch.  Rise Above Heat Cena!

Overall a solid show, another good PPV, the highlight was The CM Punk win and seeing the Rock electrify.  Fun Stuff. Ok, see ya tomorrow night for Raw.


~ by ATOM on November 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Survivor Series: Never Before, Never Again: Review”

  1. The ‘guy’ who yelled that all you got to mason Ryan was dolph ziggler

    • mmmm, you’re probably right, that crowd was so hot all night I figured it was a fan. Either way, Mason Ryan getting the A-ry push isn’t working out.

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