Monday Night Raw 11/21: Survivor Series fallout.

This week’s Raw Review will be quick;  It wasn’t an all around epic Raw, but it’ll feel a feel of a lot more epic if you listen to this while reading it.

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Sunday Night was Survivor Series and I’d say it lived up to the hype that it had been built on with a few notable exceptions.  In every review of Raw over the past 4 weeks I’ve made note that Miz and R-Truth have looked helpless against just Cena, let alone the Rock and Cena which made me lean toward “Maybe something crazy will happen and Miz and R-Truth will win at Survivor Series”  Nope;  The Miz I think actually became the first person to get pinned after a “people’s elbow”  So after weeks of looking like shit, they lost at survivor Series.  Then at the end of the match Rock makes Cena look like a chump by basically making him climb the ropes and face a chorus of Boo’s, get Rock Bottomed and then walk away in shame.  Shit, you don’t even have to turn Cena heel, but what are we accomplishing by making him look worthless. Sure people paid to se The Rock, I get it…but April 2nd, he goes back to Hollywood and The Miz, and R-Truth and John Cena are still here as your “stars” The end of Survivor Series was bad booking in my opinion, everything else was good.  Which leads us to tonight and I’m looking forward to an actual “CM Punk Title Run” and where it leads and what feud are created.  The feud with Del Rio was crap but their match at Survivor Series was excellent, see if they continue a program or move on.

The show opens with CM Punk cutting his first Championship promo, he introduces himself as the new face of the WWE and continuing his words of change here in the WWE.  John Laurenitis interrupts and him and Punk verbally spar with Punk telling John how out of touch he is and Laurenitis proves this by setting up matches between Del Rio and Zack Ryder and Punk vs Ziggler.  Now I’m pretty excited for the prospect of Ziggler vs Punk but it’s not a title match which is sort of what Punk was eluding to with changing things on Monday Night Raw by adding some excitement.  This does push the feud that never happened with Punk and Laurenitis but I think they missed the mark by waiting a week for Del Rio’s rematch.

Ryder vs Del Rio: Not a really good match, boarderline squash match for Ryder as Del Rio beats him handily.  Does very little for Ryder’s development since his popularity is through the roof right now.  I’m not saying he should have beat Del Rio, im saying he shouldn’t be booked in that match in the first place.

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger.  This match is an extension of Team Barrett vs Team Orton from last night when Sheamus was DQ’ed for kneeing Swagger too much I guess.  A good back and forth match between these two but Sheamus picks up the win by countering the ankle log with the crane kick.

Kevin Nash seen walking backstage sporting an even blacker almost purple beard and a Misfits shirt.  Dude face it…you’re fucking old.

Lucky for me The Patriots are keeping the tradition of putting on a garbage monday night football game so I’m not missing anything there.

So back from commercial we get treated to another awkward Nash promo; he talks about the kliq and Triple H has a broken neck and blah blabablah blah. Ok it wasn’t so much awkward but really just pointless.   Doesn’t it seem like Nash isn’t allowed to interact with anyone else in the WWE except for Triple H and Santino?

Good news John Cena speaks out about Survivor Series for “The first time” tonight…….it happend 22 hours ago guys.  Will Cena come out and tell the fans to S his D?  8 Ball says: No chance in hell.

I’d like to personally thank Flo Rider for Good Feelings and heres to hoping this song never finds the air again.

Return to the show with Cody Rhodes talking about being unleashed and now with knee pads and big words and a really bizarre laugh.  So out comes Santino with Mr. Socko and his karate gee shirt that my friend Ted says he won’t buy…but we’ll see.  Cody does a pretty sweet reversal on the cobra and hits crossroads and a quick win.  Post match Cody picks a random fight with Booker T and throws water in his face….WATER! What an ass.  Seriously though Cody Rhodes is awesome.

Every time they show the don’t be a bully commercial all I wanna do is punch that wiener Angus T Weinerface in his stupid glasses…but that would make me part of the problem…but they made me this way.

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler: Not the main event, hmmmmm I guess their banking on a depressed John Cena to take the show home tonight.  Little slow to start as they sorta botch some rope work but they as the match goes on they get there feet going and pick it up into a really good match.  Toward the end these two ampped it up with a ton of big spots and near falls, a highly entertaining match once they got a feel for each others style.  After an angry GTS CM Punk picks up the win.

Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston:  This match got a lot better when i clicked over to the Pats game to see Eddleman the accused run back a punt for a touchdown.  So back to this shit; Orton comes down mid match to make googly eyes at Barrett.  He does pick up the win via Wasteland and nothing much else transpires.

Our Main Event is Cena justifying how epic Survivor Series was not really address that he was basically panted in front of the all the 8th grade girls by The Rock.  Then Miz and Truth interrupt and they argue over who everyone cares about the least…and I wish I was kidding.  The segment ends with Truth and Miz at each others throats because Cena started a rumor that Miz said Truth was crazy.  The whole thing ends with Awesome Truth breaking up as Miz back-stabs Truth with a skull crushing finale.  That’s Raw for this week….tune into Smackdown Friday and maybe Daniel Bryan will have a match….maybe.  See ya!


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