Justice League #3: Review

The story revolves around the creation of the Justice League again. Beginning with Batman meeting up with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) whom has discovered a parademon in Gotham city carrying a mysterious box. After realizing the creature was extraterrestrial, the both of them head to metropolis to find Superman and figure out what’s going on considering he’s an alien himself. Unfortunately while trying to find him they are attacked by Superman, but the fight is brief as they realize they are on the same side,.  Shortly after the Flash arrives and they all agree to take a look at the box at an abandoned warehouse, but upon tampering with it they trigger it to open unleashing a horde of parademons into the world.

This issue focuses on Wonder Woman in the beginning who is suppose to follow the liaison to the United States, but is distracted when someone is kidnapped by a winged creature. Turns out that winged creature is a parademon and it’s kidnapping people along with thousands of other parademons. During all this mayhem Victor Stone, is being brought to a lab by his father because he was badly injured. His father wants to inject him with nanites and them give him the promethium skin graft, which in turn will turn him into Cyborg. Once this is completed his son Cyborg now awakes and sees a vision of non other than Darkside, Sweet! Wonder Woman eventually meets up with the rest of the group who are very impressed with her looks and abilities. More and more of these demons seem to be appearing and it seems to be too many for our heroes to handle, but the demons start to flee toward the ocean to a giant spacecraft. Then, out of the water a demon is thrown ashore by Aquaman who declares that he is going to be the leader and run the show.

This relaunch might not grab you in the beginning as it didn’t really blow me away at first, but it got a hell of a lot better especially with Jim Lee’s art, its never been better! If they’re going down the Darkside road as the main villain for this arc it has the potential to kick some serious ass! The action scenes in this book are incredible, there’s one splash page with Wonder Woman kicking ass that would make an awesome poster. The new lineup for this installation of the JLA is awesome with all the classic characters. It’s a pleasure to see another good “new 52” book come out of all the relaunches. Go ahead throw it in your folder you won’t be disappointed, baby!

Story- B

Artwork –A+



~ by ATOM on November 17, 2011.

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