Amazing Spiderman #674

Following the events of Spider Island, New Yorkers are readjusting after being turned into giant spiders and Spiderman is back, tracking down the criminals of New York.

This book focuses on an old archenemy of Spiderman’s the Vulture. Apparently he has been recruiting young Goth kids and fitting them with wings so they can rob high-rise apartments. That’s not the only thing they have been doing, they have been killing the occupants as well. One of the crime scenes show the spider slayers using infrared on the outside of the high rise to see if it was a wall crawler, and much to their surprise, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Lots of action as Spidey whips the spider slayers’ asses, of course he did design them. This makes you realize how smart Parker is because he updated all the slayers with his tech.

Meanwhile in Shadowland the Kingpin is throwing a hissy fit because neither he nor his hand followers have spider powers anymore. He does have an inside man at horizon labs where Parker works and the man gives him the locations and blueprints to the spider sense jammers which can (and did) fuck with Spiderman’s powers, and this puts a real shit eating grin on the face of the Kingpin. So now there are two main villains at focus here, thumbs up!

Cut to the Coffee Bean where Peter Parker is working the case and coincidentally his newly ex-girlfriend Carlie Cooper is as well. A lot of tension in the part of the book makes it feel like something that would actually happen (we’ve all been there). Eventually they agree to a truce and realize they could both help each other to find the culprits. New Yorkers have been celebrating being back to normal for awhile now as it cuts to a dance room with none other than Mary Jane Watson dancing her little ass off. During the whole dance scene the Vulture’s people return and bring him the items they stole. It shows the Vulture cutting up a pig, which is disgusting and feeding it to none other than an actual vulture.

The followers of the Vulture use biblical names as their alias, but its not all religious and up in your face, which is a plus. This book is a good jumping on point because it’s a new arc. The use of the Vulture this time as the villain is very cool, Spidey has been facing a lot of his old enemies after the gauntlet, which might still be ongoing as a main story arc. This book grabs you as a reader and draws you in enough to want to buy the next one. A well written book by Dan Slott who is one of the best Spiderman writers in the industry today and with Camuncoli’s art, it makes it all the better. Read this book …track down the issues of Spider Island, it was awesome. Spiderman is getting good again, so don’t miss out on this one and make sure to put it in your pull list.

Story –B+

Artwork- B-



~ by ATOM on November 17, 2011.

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