Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Review

After giving it the old once over I decided to give my two cents on pretty much the most popular game to hit store shelves this year, so here is Pop Junk’s review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:  It’s my belief that you HAVE to play through the campaign before moving on to the bread and butter of this series which is the multiplayer.  For you multi player attics that think I’m full of it, don’t worry the campaign will only take you about two sittings to complete.

The Story picks up right at the end of Modern Warfare 2, hours after the death of General Shepard and drops you right smack in the middle of World War 3 as it rages on from the last game.  It struck me funny why I thought that the death of General Shepard would end the war because Makarov was still out there…I guess I was just excited to get onto multiplayer.  I’m not going to go over every level and what happens in the plot, that’s why you play the game: The game doesn’t break any new ground in the way of game play or story telling but if you enjoyed the last two games then it’s more of the same which really isn’t a bad thing.  The look and polish of the game is flawless along with an amazing sound design and score.  The downside is as I stated earlier, it’s quick and not really difficult;  it’s effectiveness is that it gets you acclimated with the game, weapons, landscapes, it gives closure to the story started in the last game and it’s pretty fun to play through. The final level is a ton of fun and you get to see the story come to a close and there are plenty of “holy shit” moments through out the campaign to keep you interested.

Muliplayer:  The meat and potatoes of Modern Warfare 3 is the muliplayer which is a huge step forward from last years Black Ops which changed the system everyone was already comfortable with and wasn’t in need of improvement.
The entire Killstreak reward system has been revamped. Killstreaks are now known as Pointstreaks, and kills are no longer the only way to increase the player’s point streak. Completing objectives such as planting the bomb in Search and Destroy or capturing a flag in Capture The Flag awards points towards the player’s point streak which was a huge breath of fresh air.  Along with revamping the entire Kill streak reward system, Modern Warfare 3 also has a completely modified Ranking and Unlocks system, which does not use a currency system for unlocks.  Also The player’s primary weapon levels up alongside the player, and unlocks a number of “Proficiency” perks such as Kick (reduced recoil while aiming down the player’s sight) and Focus (stay focused under fire).  Though they weren’t drastic changes, it was enough to improve what Modern Warfare 2 began and Black Ops had turned away from.  Another addition is the “Kill Confirm” which makes it so after you kill someone you have to collect their tags, thus preventing you from “camping” out and sniping.  It was a welcome addition for myself because I love to snipe and everyone bitches and call me a camper, so I can tell them to go play Kill Confirm.  (Although they have clearly eliminated a lot of good camping spots in this set of maps”  This muliplayer is easier to adapt to and helps create a more frantic yet competitive game. (emphasis on GAME people of the MW3 multiplayer universe) The bullshit that this game breed in the muliplayer is no fault of the game, it’s just me being an old man.

Overall:  B+  When this game got released it became Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: but they are two totally different games and can both be enjoyed and not compared.  Battlefield is a more tactical experience and Call of Duty is the frantic fast paced action that you’ve come to expect.  Was the hype met?  Well that depends who you talk to. This game was exactly what I was expecting: An improved multiplayer experience and a solid campaign with a lot of fun moments.  By no means is it a flawless game, but you get your money’s worth and a lot more.


~ by ATOM on November 16, 2011.

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