The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 5: Chupacabra

Let me remind everyone that we are one Episode 5 of this season of The Walking Dead and it’s time to not pull any punches; not a hell of a lot has happened this season.   Aside from Carl getting shot and recovering because Shane had to lead some useless fat body to a group of zombies we’ve been walking in mud for a good portion of this season.  My theory is the show changing hands from writer to writer and it shows in the treatment of characters and the red herring of this season was the departure of Frank Darbont and how big of a blow that would be to the show.  The cracks are starting to show with this episode but a few high points tucked in between certainly made it a worth while viewing.

Don’t get me wrong this is quality not miss television but it has come a long way from the amazing season 1 premier when it moved with a fluid pace and didn’t treat the viewers like they were the zombies.  My main gripe these past few weeks have been the degradation of the characters and making them into some of the stupidest people you have ever laid eyes on.  I find it interesting being a huge fan of the comic book that the two characters they have really put some work into and made you care about are Daryl who doesn’t exist and Shane who dies in the first arc of the comics which the show has already eclipsed.  If Andrea got killed in the comic book I’d be pretty upset but in the show is she drowned head first in a bucket in I might obnoxiously stand and applaud.  How did we get to this point?  We shall get to that while I break down episode 5: Chupacabra.

We begin with a solid opening showing depicting a flashback of Lori, Shane and Carl stuck in a deadlock of traffic trying to exit Atlanta.  Lori converses with Carol and we are treated once again with a look back at a fun character from season 1 in Carol’s dickhead husband being…well a dickhead as Carol tries to procure some food for a hungry Carl.  This is followed by Shane and Lori following some commotion and over seeing a city scape of Atlanta being napalmed.   The visual is horrifying and awesome all at the same time, and maybe opening itself up to some unfair comparisons of Lost but more flashbacks like this would be welcomed to this show.  It helps gives this characters the depth that they have been lacking this season.

After the flashback were back to….looking for Sophia (face palm) but luckily that over used scenario gives way to a good scene with Shane and Rick walking in the woods discussing to pros and cons of wasting their time (and ours) looking for this little girl.  The morality between group survival and spreading yourself too thin and using up resources looking for a lost (probably dead) child.  Distaste for this plot line lingering has less to do with weather the viewer cares about Sohpia and more to do with using “endangered children” as a sensitive plot device for far too long.  This series is so rich with content and ideas to explore but rather here we are 5 episodes into the season wasting time discussing weather we should be looking for this girl or not.

Lost was an amazing show but if we’ve learned anything its don’t let plot lines linger and don’t create story lines you never had any intention of ever revisiting.  I can’t blame “The Walking Dead” for the latter because well it’s not over yet, but when T-Dog was rambling all crazily to Dale about being weak, leaving and then asked him not to say anything to the other…me thinks that may not come up again.

After Shane and Rick agree to disagree we follow Daryl off into the wilderness looking for Sophia and he actually stumbles upon a lead in the form of Sophia’s doll.  Trying to retrieve it his horse kicks him off, he falls down a steep cliff and gets an arrow lodged into his side.  (flesh wounds rule!) This turns the episode into Daryl’s own personal “127 Hours” as he has to do what he can to get himself up the cliff with an arrow in him.  After a first failed attempt he begins to hallucinate and he sees his brother Merrill played perfectly by character actor Micheal Rooker.  This is the first we see of Merrill since he was left on the roof and had to cut off his own hand in order to escape so he’s a sight for sore eyes.  All be it a red neck, idiot racist, Merrill is an interesting and well acted character and even though his image is in Daryl’s mind he’s a welcome edition to this episode. The best part of his appearance is the ideas he starts to plug into Daryl’s mind that Rick and the gang aren’t his friends, that they’re laughing at Daryl behind his back and that he gave up on his own brother while spending all his energy looking for a little girl.  Daryl snapped back to reality for a moment to find a zombie gnawing on his boot, so he kills a couple zombies, rips the arrow out and escapes the cliff by climbing out despite the tauting vision of his brother.

Everything about this portion of the show I enjoyed and some in between encounters with Dale and Glenn, etc but I want to get to the meat of the problem with this show.  After Daryl makes it back to the farm he’s ravaged and looks like shit so naturally from far away they think he’s a walker.  Andrea wanting to try out her new shinny rifle wants to shoot it (him), but Rick says they’ll deal with it so T-Dog, Shane and Rick run out to meet it head on, but Andrea decides her brain has malfunctioned and shoots anyways.  Here is my problem, why are we supposed to give a shit about these people if they just keep making the dumbest decisions possible?  Save the ammo? Hershal said no guns, Maybe as a novice you shouldn’t be shooting towards your friends, the same thing just happend to Carl….maybe it’s Daryl! There’s a ton of reasons why Andrea wouldn’t do what she did, but the writers defy lodgic once again in the name of drama.

Way to go dumbass

Lucky the bullet just grazed him (flesh wounds rule!) Honestly why are we recycling plot lines and making your characters look like complete idiots?  Daryl is coming back to the farm off the heels of a vision of his brother telling him pretty much to screw everyone else in the group, playing on the emotions of viewers who have grown to like Daryl and are fearful maybe he’ll go back to his hateful red-necky ways.  Alas he gets accidentally shot and laid up for the rest of the episode, boy did that suck.

Following these events are an awkward dinner that rival some of my family get togethers as the tension between Rick’s group and Hershel’s group is weird for the reason that Hershel went from being an awesome well written characters last episode to a one dimensional dick this week and he wants them to go.  One light hearted moment was Maggie and Glenn passing notes under the table on where they should bang next, very cute.

Glenn decides he wants to knock boots (too 90’s?) inside the forbidden barn.  Well Glenn finds out what most of us already assumed which is that the barn is full of zombies.  Maggie tries to stop Glenn but he’s horny and already discovered the barn-zombie-rama and she asks him to keep it a secret as the episode ends.

This was a solid episode that really that both progressed some story lines and showcased it’s flaws at the same time.  Creating drama by making the people were supposed to care about is not good story telling.  Once in a while is fine but these people continue to make idiotic mistakes and I understand it helps create tension but sometimes dumb is dumb.  Also the writers inability to write females is another.  No female on this show is a likeable character, they’re either whinny, or stupid, or both.  This show is good, please don’t misunderstand me, it’s just these flaws need to be addressed if I’m going to be honest in my review.

Hell Hershel even says it during the episode “How did people survive this long?”



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