Fear and Loating on Tatooine.

Peoples perception of themselves now and in the past can be pretty funny and utterly mind blowing.  Everyone thinks they are way more hip and progressive than they truly are.  This is just something I go through on a daily basis via facebook and twitter conversing with people I’ve known since high school but try to construct this image of themselves that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  This problem has manifested itself into hollywood as well and this brings me to a problem I’ve talked about in the past with friends and a video that hit the web today (via Filmdrunk.com) that sealed the deal on this problem I have.  It started with Olivia Munn etching out a career by being hot and dressing as Slave Leia to malnourished starlets who think if they’re hot and wear a star wars shirt they are some how geeks and part of a culture.  You’re not really going out on a limb by enjoying “geek” media when the biggest movies in the world are based upon cartoons and comic books that we’re enjoyed by “geeks” when it wasn’t cool to enjoy them.  I have no problem being labeled a geek, I didn’t when I spent most of my middle school years drawing the X-men on to my notebook and I don’t now being 30 and spending my weekends tracking down Silver-age back issues of comics no one likes at a reasonable price.  What I don’t like is being pandered to and I’m sure most “geeks” don’t either.  The truth is most people who grew up getting back handed insults because they read comics, watched anime, collected action figures, and were considered gamers probably do hold a bit of contempt because these things are so mainstream, accepted, celebrated and are no longer “theirs” anymore.

The sad truth of it all is that “nerd” is big business right now, video games, comic book movies, tv, it’s all big business and it’s ripe for the picking.  I guess maybe that’s what I find insulting about it.  Kristen Bell telling you how big of a star wars fan she is might make your pants tight, but to me I just her trying to make a buck.  Maybe she legit enjoys Star Wars who knows but when it comes out as this earth shattering confession I can’t help but react poorly…or nerdy.  I don’t know if my fellow nerds agree with me, but you can’t deny a spike in the bullshit meter after watching this video.   Ok I’m gonna get off my nerdy soapbox now and go watch sports or something. Yes I’m one of those rare nerds who’s working on a complete run of Uncanny X-Men back issues and has also camped outside of Fenway park over night to get seats to a Red Sox playoff game…pre-2004  Pander to that!


~ by ATOM on November 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fear and Loating on Tatooine.”

  1. In the early 90’s I was “gay” for watching wrestling. By 1997 everyone had an “Austin 316” or “NwO” shirt. It’s kinda the same thing. Eventually it will become uncool to be a geek again. But for now I don’t care who wants geek cred. I know that if I’m hanging around some people who don’t know a ton about comics that I could jump in their conversation and shred them with useless facts I know. But then I would be a nerd giving someone shit for not being the same level of nerd. Making me the same bully that made fun of me when being a nerd wasn’t popular. Like I said though eventually a new fad will come along I’m hoping it has to do with being over weight and having gray hair.


  2. All valid points…and on that note….did you know Chozen was in Inception?

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