Green Lantern #3: Review

After the fallout from war of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan was stripped of his power ring, but somebody else received it……SINESTRO! Meanwhile the guardians seemed to have lobotomized Ganthet of his emotions and returned him to his old position as one of the guardians of the universe. Back on Korugar the Sinestro corps members are enslaving all the inhabitants there, so Sinestro needs to mount an attack. He recruits none other than Hal Jordan. It seems Sinestro can make his own ring for Hal and turn it off when he wants. So in exchange for helping Sinestro free the people of Korugar he will be able to keep the ring forever.

So the issue begins with Sinestro and Hal Jordan arguing back and forth. Sinestro offers him the deal to free the citizens of Korugar from the Sinestro corps’ wrath in exchange Hal will get his power ring back. Then there are the guardians of the universe who ripped all emotion from Ganthet so he can be unbiased like them when it comes to guarding the universe. There was also an interesting twist in the guardians chambers, they have realized their mistakes from the past and conclude that the Green Lantern Corps has flaws as well as the manhunters did. So they decide it’s time for a change called the third army. This should be pretty interesting and I have high hopes for it (and this is my opinion) Green Lantern by Geoff Johns has yet to let me down since the beginning Rebirth. So, all the arguing fades, and Hal and Sinestro head to Korugar to free the citizens. Something neither I nor Hal Jordan knew was that a green lantern can turn their suit into stealth mode (all black). Another interesting part was that the fail safe for the yellow central power battery was a green lantern which leads Hal to believe Sinestro knew all this was going to happen, but that’s a story for another day I suppose. So as Sinestro charges into battle, Hal sneaks up to the power battery but it stopped by a Sinestro Corp member, that’s not a problem though because Hal creates a bazooka construct and blows his head off. I like how this book doesn’t hold back in the violence! Unfortunately for Hal, as he enters the battery it starts a disintegration process and seemingly kills him, that was fucked! and the way the last panel is drawn kind of reminds me of a zombie which is pretty sick. I’m glad this book is using Doug Mahnke again for the art; it flows very well and brings Geoff Johns writing to life. I can’t stress this enough if you can only read one DC book this has to be it! It’s Awesome! -GIG

Story- A



~ by ATOM on November 10, 2011.

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