Avenging Spiderman #1: Review

I figured I would mix it up this week and do two reviews, one from DC and this one from Marvel. I gotta admit I was hesitant about another Spidey book, but this one doesn’t disappoint. The art work is great in this book, it’s a little cartoony but I like it. It wasn’t a long issue pretty short actually but damn good and with a sneak peek of X-Sanction at the end coming in December, which I am eagerly awaiting for because it’s the return of Cable! Anyways… on to the review.

Starts out with a big battle as the Avengers are fighting a giant robot and Peter Parker is narrating about how he can be on two avengers teams, have a full time job and be back in New York to do his Spidey things. After the battle he begs his cohorts for a ride back to New York, but no one wants to do it. So Iron man appoints the Red Hulk to jump him back because his presence tends to panic the civilians. There are classic Spidey one liners that made me laugh to myself which is always a plus, and this issue also includes the Mayor of New York J. Jonah Jameson with his wisecracks towards Spidey as usual. So there is panic as Spidey and Red enter New York because the Moloids seem to be attacking by the hundreds and taking Jonah prisoner. When Spidey and Red try to stop them a GIANT worm creature engulfs them both and it fades to black for them. Meanwhile Jonah is being led to the subterranean and encounters Mole Man only to realize he isn’t King down there anymore but somebody else is who has him on a leash. Last panel shows the new King but I have no idea who it’s supposed to be, looks like a yellow behemoth speaking in an unknown language. This issue really grabs you right away and has a lot of entertaining moments and plenty of action. The colors used for this book are very vibrant and amazing. Definitely a buy, don’t miss out! My only hope is that it stays interesting and doesn’t fall short which sometimes happens with new stories.

Story – B

Artwork- B



~ by ATOM on November 10, 2011.

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