American Horror Story: Review (part 3)

Part 3
Continuing a complete rundown of episode 1-5 of American Horror Story

Constance, always surprising us, cooks cupcakes with ipecac exclusively for Violet. Her bone to pick with the youngest Harmon seems unfounded until a big reveal in episode 5. Constance is Tate’s mother and essentially Ben did not want to continue seeing Tate because of his dalliance with Violet. Both Constance and Tate seem to want Tate’s continued treatment by Ben. Constance fights dirty obviously.  Unless it is even darker… jealousy?See more about this in theories
Fun Fact! Bianca, Ben’s fake patient, who actually ended up eating the cupcakes had that warped nightmare about an elevator cutting her in half with Karen Carpenter singing in the background. The same Karen Carpenter who also died supposedly of ipecac poisoning.

We always knew Adelaide was Constance’s child but we also learned she had 2 others also with down syndrome and one “perfect” boy. She blames her womb to be cursed. How did she have one “perfect” child then? This perfect boy is realized to be Tate. (Who obviously isn’t THAT perfect, mentally anyway.)

Constance’s daughter is the first character we see in the series, and the first character the Harmon’s meet in the house. For this and other reasons I never anticipated her death especially without the possibility of haunting the house afterward. Some speculate that it was Addy reaching out from beneath Violets bed (after she had been killed). Upon rewatching, the hand is filthy so I’m going to assume it was Hayden just checking out her man’s new house and being a creeping bitch.
The road to Addys death is actually quite interesting. Adelaide is being read to by ConstancesHottie Handyman about the origins on Halloween (his pronunciation of Celtic is amazing). Addy observes that she would never want to be a ghost because it was so sad. Constance catching the innocent scene, sends her hottie out for cigarettes, and rips into Addy verbally. She alludes to a past event with another boyfriend and molestation. This reminds us of Tate’s same hinting in the pilot.
Addy wants to be a pretty girl for Halloween. Constance is harshly against it so Addy goes to the next pretty girl she knows: Violet. After scaring the piss out of Violet she asks for her makeover. Violet for the first time shows a very real sweet human side in this scene as she actually follows through on her request. Their conversation involves Violets virginity, Tate, Violet blushing, and Addy loving her makeover. Smash cut to Constance chasing Addy around their house trying to wipe the pretty girl right off Addy’s face while fuming at Violet (“That girl has got another cupcake coming!”).  Constance is cruel ultimately but tries to reconcile. The problem for Constance is Addy can’t be made up to be a pretty girl; she must be completely absorbed into a new façade. Constance is really a deep well of emotion huh? Enter a rubbery terrifying unblemished white faced girl mask for Addy. I found it absolutely scary. Addy loves it. She gets dressed in her new costume and goes to show Violet next door. Violet is too busy reading Manga, rocking out to her IPod to answer the door. Addy, for once, does not just break in. Our little house invader wants to trick or treat, and she wants to show Violet her new Pretty Girl costume. She instead is distracted by teenage girls. She chases after them belatedly wanting to share her pretty girl image. Through her Michael Myers-esc eye holes we as she sees: The retreating backs of girls when suddenly froma wide shot we are treated to Addy being full on run over by a car. Later we experience Constance finding her Pretty Girl Addy dying in the street. She pleads with the police to help her move her daughter to the lawn of Murder House. She struggles pulling Addys broken dying body across the street but it is too late. Adelaide gets her wish of not being a ghost.

Vivian, with good reason, has several panic buttons installed in the house. The man in charge of responding is a gorgeous cop/security guard who makes flirty kissy faces at Vivian. She is appreciative of the help, as it makes her feel safe and definitely attracted to him. Flirty eyes and shy glances are exchanged. Get some Vivian!
I actually thought he may be another one of the ghostly inhabitants in the house but who really knows yet. He has interacted with a dead Hayden and seemed adequately  put out by her disappearing act in his cop car that he is probably not a resident of Murder House. Either way him and Vivian sitting in a tree f-u-c…

This was my favourite event through the series so far. The morning after Halloween (When the dead can walk freely) many of our regular haunts from the house are making their way home (back to the house). They all slowly walk down the street early morning looking incredibly haunted themselves. It was much more powerful than I anticipated. They all walk along as if being pulled or lulled along by a string.  I perceive it as the actual house doing the string pulling.
Chad chats up Moira. “I feel like I’m doomed for all eternity to be trapped in an unhappy, adulterous relationship and working on this goddam house that’s never going to be just the way I want it.” Moira: “You are.” This interaction spells out the ghosts attachment to the house. Moira even plays death taking her mother off life support and crying like a lost little girl when she cannot move on from this earthly plain of horror with her mother.

Constance obviously knows the most about the house, as being one of the few residents still (assuming) living. She stops Ben, in the pilot, from lighting himself on fire insisting he “enjoy the house”. This leads to the house actually being something to be enjoyed or used. When she is caught stealing by Moira, she is unashamed and insists Moira clean the item before she takes it. The crazy thing is that Moira does it.  Is the house forcing its dead inhabitant’s to continue whatever personification they had in life. For example, Moira was the maid as well as ‘other woman’ and now in present day she once again seems to be taking up these occupations even though she desperately wants out. Is it the house who has power over her or Constance?
Constance appears to be more than a former house owner as she also appears to be one of the only owners’ still (assumingly) living.
In Episode 5, a sad mournful Constance makes an appearance as she blames Violet for Addys death and drops some truth bombs. She also takes partial responsibility for Addys death, inferring she was in fact the one who sent her out into the world (“And it did what it will do,”). Constance also flatly admits to being Tate mother – Which is a surprise for both Violet and the audience.  Constance begs Violet to keep Tate in the dark about Addy’s (his sisters!) death. It seems Tate “doesn’t react well” to certain things.  “He’s a sensitive boy,” Constance says. “A young man of too deep feeling, with the soul of a poet, but imbued with none of the grit or steel that would act as a bulwark against these horrors. This world.”. Constance compares herself and Violet for their strength. She also infers it is this quality Tate is probably attracted to. Not long before this, Constance was trying to feed Violet poisoned cupcakes. Now, she’s seemingly partnering up with her. Do you trust Constance’s change of heart? Does she still mean to do harm or does Constance recognize that out of the new family next door Violet is the one who has the stomach/strength for the horrors inside the house. Seemingly like Constance did.

There is a lot of speculation that Tate is in fact the Rubberman. This surfaces in my mind back in the pilot episode when Tate says the line “That’s where I come in” and the scene ends, we next open to the Rubberman about to bamchickwowow with Vivian.
Next is obviously Tate wearing the actual suit to scare Violet in Episode 4. This actually convinced me it is not actually him as the scene screamed ‘red herring’ to me. Later on when Violet wants to have sex he does not or cannot get hard. This in general rules him out to me – Unless Tate is a secret Milfhunter.

Could it be Constance who molested Tate? As his mother? Is this perhaps why he couldn’t get it up for Violet? Or is flaccidity just a ghost thing? Ultimately I do believe someone did something horrible to Tate as he hints to Ben. Whether it was Constance or one of her many boyfriends – who knows.

My theory for tiny dog is that perhaps it was not a trick by Hayden to blow the dog up in the microwave and that now the dog is a ghostly member of the house… I could be overreaching though. Who else is surprised the Dog is still lasting this long? Back in the pilot all I could picture was the house eating it.

The timing in this show is so distorted and often offbeat. It moves oddly, from both scene to scene, and episode to episode and this is not counting the fabulous opening flashbacks every episode featuring some gruesome yet amazing death in the house. Basically the reality of this show is skewed from the beginning and enough so that if they revealed years from now that no one person on this show is actually alive I would believe it whole heartedly. The entire is dreamlike in context and presentation. Perhaps more a nightmare.

Coming up tonight is episode 6, “Piggy Piggy”, in which Constance enlists Violet’s assistance with Tate and Ben helps a new patient confront his fears. In the promo there are some sick visuals of Vivian looking pretty full term pregnant, a SWAT team entire the House, some Tate reveals, and more fun. Please read my next show review – it will be smarter and short.



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