American Horror Story: Review (Part 2)

Part 2
Continued review of episode 1-5 of American Horror Story

Not a huge plot point but part of the ghostly convention in Murder House are two nurses who lived there in the 60s Gladys, and Maria.  More precisely they were murdered there by one of America’s true horrors, the serial killing home invader archetype, the fictional Franklin. Although he seems modelled after the real life nurse killer Richard Franklin Speck. He killed them while Peyton Place and Laugh In played on their television set.
The nurses get their own taste of revenge IMO in episode 2 though viciously killing two copycat Franklin enthusiasts who had their hearts set on killing Vivian and Violet. Go nurses go!

Mrs. Montgomery, Nora, intrigues me. As an east coast socialite trying to pull her drug addict husband further in life sets up many young women to receive abortions from him. Though she seems tough enough to handle it she is obviously falling apart under the stress and guilt of the abortions, her husband, and the life she wanted but did not have. She needs control, much like Vivian who also has an interest in oversized rings. They seemed oddly linked.
She seems to be watching over Vivian, her new baby, and Ben or perhaps just the baby and Viv? She sits on their bed at night, gaping bullet hole in the back of her head, watching. She also frees an incapacitated Ben insisting he she will not permit another failure in the house (!!) and he must go save the baby which is about to be cut out of Vivian’s stomach. Is the baby related to her baby? Her infant terrible?Or is she just playing the role she played in life? Does she identify with Vivian as much as the imagery is seemingly telling us?

Vivian and Ben wish to move again,which is there answer for everything. When in doubt run away. Although if this wasn’t the first thought on Vivian’s mind this show would loose a whole lot of credibility. It seems the writers knew this had to become a huge plot point.
But, Violet accepts the house. (“It has soul!”) Is she subconsciously attaching Tate to the house? She threatens running away if they move again. Vivian is also told no moving (or stress) while pregnant. Good luck with that Viv.

With Sal Mineo’s murder shown in the light of it being a hate crime I actually connected it immediately to the other mention of gay men who supposed died in the basement of a murder suicide. Like Sal Mineos murder, that was a cover for their very real encounter with Rubberman and his furious (and soundless) fists.
Chad, an immediate fan favourite, played by the lovely Zachary Quinto is a huge scene stealer whenever he is on screen. My description would not do his performance justice but I would package him as incredible wit and scathing one-liners. He and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) have a lot in common.
Patrick is an Eric Northham lookalike EMT who (like Ben) is a cheater. Where Patrick and Ben differ Patrick made very clear by grabbing Bens crotch which was only the first blunt crotch grab of the series!
Chad also gives us a great intuitive line: “I think you should just leave,” he said. “It’s not your house. You know it, we know it and the house knows it, too.”Clueing us further into the power of the House over the living and dead.

This entire show is either leading them ultimately closer together or enforcing the same idea daughter Violet voiced in the pilot: divorce. “Don’t lie to me again. If you lie to me again, we’re through.” Vivian spits at Ben setting him up for even more lies unknowingly.
We have to try not to under estimate their love for one another though as Ben announces how he never got to carve pumpkins as a kid and does not want to answer why. Vivian saves him verbally changing the subject. We get a hint when Ben cries (again!) to Tate over coffee that his childhood was not much unlike Tate’s and he can’t believe how he get this “gift of family” (only cheesy moments of this show so far).
The question weighing on me is does the house want them together or not? Is this a long convoluted way of showing them they belong together or apart? Do the pregnant controlist and the guilt-filled cheater belong together? Currently we are leaning toward divorce as Vivian has asked Ben to move out after Hayden (ghost Hayden) outs him as the series true villain for his misogynistic actions and gazebo building skills. The only thing Hayden doesn’t make him say is that her actual body is buried in the god damn backyard. Hayden’s priorities are elsewhere apparently.

Tate gives Violet solid advice on how to kill herself. They share cutting tales, listen to Morrissey, and Tate write the word “Taint” on her chalkboard in her bedroom. He even gives her a black rose (!!jealous). True love American Horror Story style.Violet is literally living Twilight. Cue Tate watching Violet sleeping much like a certain glittery vampire.
Violet wants to swipe her V-card vigorously through Tate’sangsty but totally attractive slot but unfortunately she runs into a snag when her teenage boyfriend does not respond to her vigorous crotch grabbing (CROTCH GRAB #2!) the way one would assume.  Is Tate’s impotence a ghostly characteristic? Or is it simply a Tate problem?  More on this in theories…
When Tate arrives to take Violet on their must anticipated Date on Halloween night Violet gets a bigger taste of the mystery that is Tate. They are visited by the dead breakfast club: 5 dead high schoolers from the nineties claiming Tate wronged them.  While beating the shit of out him they tell him that his fantasy of shooting up his high school is the truth. The best part about this reveal is Tate is either in hard-core denial or is extremely traumatized by the event as he cannot remember it (or chooses not to). Ghost amnesia? Even getting brief images of the event, Tate denies it with sad eyes. Am I like fat women obsessing over dead row inmates like the dead cheerleader said to Violet for feeling bad for Tate?


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