The Walking Dead: Season 2. Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

We pick up in the aftermath of Carl’s recoverly and Otis’s death as the rest of the cast shows up at Hershal’s farm. If they want to refrain from shooting guns to attract Zombie’s then maybe Daryl should trade his Harley for a 10-speed. That being said, they gather for a memorial to Otis and as punishment for killing him they make Shane dress in Otis’s over-sized fat guy overalls and then make them explain what his final moments were while looking like a fool.  So Shane continues his lie and says he was a super cool guy and died a real american hero.  Now that’s that and the characters start to come up with what’s next.  Maggie decides to head into town to get stuff from a pharmacey and they nominate Glenn to go with.  Shane decides to teach Andrea proper gun tech since Hershal says no guns on premises, and Dale and T-Dog work on getting water out of the well.
Now a problem I have with this show is the absolutley dumb shit these people keep doing to themselves.  I know if you talk to anyone who deals with the public on a daily basis will tell you people are inherently and over-all stupid and reactionary but sometimes this show takes that to a new level.  There is a zombie trapped at the bottom in a drinking water well and our heroes want to extract said Zombie to preserve the drinking water he has already poop’ed in, drooled in, what have you.  This scene was somehow similatously the worst and best scene of the entire episode.  The water logged zombie at the bottom of the well looked awesome, almost like something out of Evil Dead.  Their plan is to tie a rope around the zombie and get him out but they need live bait…well why not tie up Glenn and lower him down into the well.  As a viewer half of you skwirm with anxioty as they lower him into the well as live bait, and the other half of you is wondering why Glenn didn’t spit in their faces at such a stupid request.  Well as predicted the rope gives way and Glenn almost gets munched on by the well-zombie but they pull him up and get him out of the well just in time.  I figured a good finale to this rediculously insulting idea woulda been a “Data from The Goonies” joke asking him why he didn’t use “the pinchers of perill” to get out of the well as maybe one more smack in the face for this poor kid.  Luckly while getting pulled out of the well Glenn managed to get the rope around the zombie’s waste.  They get the zombie right at the mouth of the well and he splits in half in an awesomely disgusting manner, inflecting the water, making the whole idea stupid.  Top it off with a T-dog Shovel to the zombie’s face to finish it off and you’ve got one dumb and awesomely entertaining scene. 
Following this Glenn and Maggie travel to the pharmacy on horse back and we get another good scene with Glenn.  Before they leave Lori asks Glenn to find some femine products (pregnancy test) Which I already assumed was the case since the guy at the CDC whispered something into Rick’s ear after taking all their blood. (Again, helps if you read the comic as well) So after Glenn searches out some femine hygene products for Lori, he has an uncomfortable conversation with Maggie about sex, and then she stripes and there you have it, Glenn gets laid.  Now starting with the last epside someone finally woke up and decided that Glenn might be more than background decoration and finally decided to develop his character.  
 Back on the highway people still search for Sphia and I guess there is an internet backlash with the missing Sophia storyline and with good reason, the more episodes that go by without her, the less people care. She was never an important or even developed character so why people should care is unknown, It’s grown uninteresting and they need to move on.  If anythign they can learn a lesson from American Horror Story by not letting storylines linger. 
 Inbetween all this is Rick is trying to convince Hershal for them to stay on the farm with them rather than stay on the road.  They go back and forth and weight the issues; At first Hershal says no, then he decides to consider it.  The scenes with Rick and Hershal are really good, interesting and well acted.
 Something else I enjoyed about this episode was Daryl’s interaction with Carol, which had nothing to do with her storyline but worked more of his character in general.  As people around the camp fail to actually cheer up Carol, Daryl swoops in and gives her a Cherokee Rose and tells her it’s origin.  The writers are really starting to show Daryl’s soul which is going to be awesome when his dickhead brother finally comes back. (I Hope) 
The Episode ends with Lori taking the pregnancy test and it’s positive.  This leaves the questions of what will this mean to the group and is Rick the father or Shane?  This is the drama that we want with this show, sure Zombies are great, it you have use that as the backdrop to true human drama and emotion.
This episode finally started to feel like the writers weren’t thinking they were smarter than the comic book and really tried to breath life back into the show by adding what really worked in the comic book to begin with.  What Kirkman did in the comic was make you give a shit about these people so when a Zombie munched on their head it would evoke some type of emotional response.  Hypotheicly in episode 5 of last season if people who don’t read the comic book saw Glenn get killed would they have given a shit?  No, because he like 6 lines over the course of a handful of episodes.  A Solid episode and a slow lumbering zombie foot step in the right direction.


~ by ATOM on November 8, 2011.

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