Batman: Arkham City-Review

Good Day I’m Dr. Harold Romero. Today I’ll be reviewing “Batman Arkham City”

The plot for this game is pretty creative with a few twists here and there and its just plain well put together epic batman story. It has the same writer as the last game in Paul Dini who has vast amounts of experience when it comes to writing batman and thanks to him I had the opportunity to watch a kick ass batman animated series when I was a kid.

The game play is still pretty much the same set up as the last game, so if you played the first one it should be a breeze. One of the great things about this game is that you can continue playing after you beat it and finish whatever side missions that you forgot to do or just didn’t feel like doing while you playing the main story. One of the coolest things that carry over from Arkham Asylum is the gadgets. Being able to use the batclaw, throw batarangs at bad guys, and drop explosive gel while fighting a bunch of baddies is pretty dame fun.

After beating the game I found myself enjoying the little things you get to do to the henchmen, such as repeatedly throwing remote controlled Batarangs and watch them go flying across the floor, or shooting them with the Electro charger and watching them swirl in pain. Silently taking them down is good too, because the rest of the henchmen start freaking out and go from nervous to terrified. Brutalizing these thugs and playing the side mission is what makes me not want to put this game down. Personal favorite spot in game is during the main story is there’s a part where Harley Quinn is tied up and Batman has the option of taking off her gag of tape. After you’re done taking to her you can put the tape back on then take if off and put it back on again. I think I did that ten times before I moved on, just because I could.

The villain that stands out most (in my opinion) in this Batman universe is Penguin. To put it plainly he’s a vicious prick. I couldn’t stand it when Batman fell in the ice water when you’re going after Penguin and a god damn shark comes out of the water and eats him. A fucking shark just ate Batman! What kind of an asshole uses that as a pet? Also he looks kind of like Burgess Meredith from the 60’s Batman T.V show, but this Penguin has a British Accent which does two things; makes him more sinister and more charming.

Good side Character: Catwoman. Playing as Cat woman is pretty fun you get to whip the shit out of thugs, she moves more fluidly than batman and she’s better to look at. Especially when you run then slide.

A few cool little side notes there are several references to Lost and one reference to John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. Upon completing a certain side mission there is also a conversation that Batman has with someone that hints to a third game.

There just isn’t anything worth complaining. If I had to really nit-pick the game after I completed it are that the controls for Batman are a little stiff from time to time and that some of the riddle trophies get redundant and kind lose me lose a small amount of interest.

In some reviews I’ve read people have complained about the villians but every villain you face in this game is pretty much spot on. I don’t want to reveal too much about who’s in the game because it could come as a surprise as you move through the game. Overall for my rating I give this Game a 5 out 5.



Editors note:   I Wish I could go back in time and find the heart broken nine year old me that when he heard there was a batman return of the joker game released on the NES he went out and spent half his birthday money on this piece of shit.

Yeah like i saw the final boss stage.  This game was unplayable, I think I played for about 15 minutes, cried, kicked the game and then beat contra for the 82nd time.  If i could go back and show a 9 year old version of myself 9 seconds of game play of Batman Arkham City my head would have exploded.



~ by ATOM on November 8, 2011.

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