Fear Itself 7.1 Captain America

Fear Itself 7.1 Captain America

Headed into town today to get my comics and to my surprise there’s a comic book sale! Hallelujah!!! It figures though I usually get ten plus books but of course it’s a small week this time. So I decided to grab some bag and boards and a He-Man hot wheels car, yes I know I’m 12, but it was damn cool looking. Anyways, here’s a review for a book I wanted to check out since the end of Fear Itself.

So the war of the gods is over but not with out a price or so we think. This issue focuses on the death of Bucky from being brutally beaten by Sin. So, Steve Rogers is putting the final touches on his eulogy for his brother in arms, when Nick Fury butts in. Now I already know where this is going when they show him… any guesses? Yup Bucky is still alive (I knew they weren’t going to kill him off like that it didn’t seem right). So this part gets a little heated as Steve Rogers starts to beat the shit outta Nick Fury for lying to him, but then he is stopped when Black Widow and Bucky enter the room. It flashes back to right after Bucky was nearly beaten to death, when a medic says he still has a heart beat. Nick Fury immediately orders the plane to go to specific coordinates. Natasha being Bucky’s girlfriend, is asked by Nick if she wants to use the last vile of the infinity formula which may or may not help Bucky. A pretty selfless act for good ol’ Nick because now he won’t be able to live forever. So they decide to do it and a few days later he recovers. Back to the present time, Bucky tells Cap he can live in the shadows and has work to do and was never much for the spotlight anyway. The good news about all this being that the whole world thinks he’s dead so he doesn’t have to worry about crimes as the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s been starting to get his memories back as the Winter Soldier and is on a mission to undo and prevent anymore damage he did then. This is funny in a way, because the next ongoing book is called Winter Soldier, which I can’t wait for because Brubaker writes Captain America the best in my opinion. A pretty solid issue worth checking out.

Story – A-
Artwork – C



~ by ATOM on November 3, 2011.

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