The Walking Dead Review: Episode 3: Save The Last One: Review

After writing 31 Reviews in 31 Days and topping it off with a review of one of the worst Monday Night Raw’s in recent memory I took a break yesterday from Pop Junk and today decided to pick it back up with a review of The Walking Dead: Episode 3: Save the Last one.

I want preface this review by admitting how torn I am between being objective and criticizing this show for some egregious story and character miscues, or just shutting my mouth and just enjoying the fact that there is a show based upon one of my favorite comic books “The Walking Dead”  Well I’ve chosen honesty over loyalty because otherwise, what’s the point of having a blog.

The episode started with a bad omen as we see Shane shaving his head in what looked like a subdued state of shock;  When this was showed earlier in the season during a promo I waxed intellectual that this was probably taking place in “The Prison” which if you don’t read the comic book they end up setting up shop inside the walls of a state prison.  This may or may not be a spoiler because I don’t really known how close they’re keeping this with the comic.  So far characters are still alive that were killed off relatively quickly, and the main cast has additions that never appear, so it’s all fair game at this point.

After we see Shane dispatching his hair via a pair of electric clippers, we start the episode with Rick telling Lori a story about how Shane pulled off an almost impossible prank back in High School.  This procures us that not only is Shane capable of great feats of athleticism but these two guys are great long time friends, which will help set up an evenatual downfall given what we know as the audience that Lori and Shane were involved while Rick was in a coma.

One of my huge problems with this show thus far is the character development which was sort of but not fully rectified in this episode because the writers finally decided to develop Shane more so and he is becoming the most interesting and mulch-layered characters in the show.  Which is ironic is you actually allow the story in the comic book.  Later in this scene Lori confesses to Rick that maybe Carl is better off dead as the world as gone to shit and he’s lying on his death bed anyhow.  I really thought this was going to build to one of the kick ass speeches about “Hope” that Rick’s comic book counter part excels at, but this scene feel a little flat.  He talks about the deer, great.

This is followed by another scene of faith and hope as Glen chats up Hershel’s daughter Maggie (that’s her name in the comic, I don’t know if they’ve said it yet on the show) and she tries to help him reenforce his faith in god.  This scene was good because Glenn is a wildly under used character and finally getting some well deserved screen time since he helped rescue Rick from the Tank in season 1.

Meanwhile back on the highway Daryl and Andrea venture back into the woods to look for the little girl as Carol slowly comes to the realization that maybe her daughter is dead.  I’m disappointing that this story line has yet to have any development or closure because as a viewer your becoming less concerned for this little girl because of the juggling plot lines going on throughout the show.  Through this we are treated to a good scene with Daryl and Andrea, which adds a bit of levity to the show, which it does need every now and then.  Daryl is easily one of the best characters on the show, having showed different sides to his character through the first two seasons.  I am under the impression that he wasn’t going to be a recurring character but fan admiration probably kept him around.

The action in this episode revolves around Otis and Shane fighting the zombies in the high school trying to escape with the medical supplies.  Some pretty intense zombie action ensues and Otis comes up with a good plan of escape, but Shane injures himself in the process.  After limping toward the road he meets back up with Otis who is also dragging ass for the only explicable reason which is he’s a giant fat guy?  The zombies are hot on their trail as they both limp away from the hoard and it looks pretty bleak.

Back at the farm Hershel decides it’s now or never so they begin to prep a dangerous surgery for Carl without the medical supplies.  Right at the zero hour Shane shows up with the medical supplies but no Otis, saying he didn’t make it.  After the Hershel performs Carl’s surgery and there is grief for Otis, Shane retires to take a shower and we pick up where we started.  Here is where were treated to what really happened which was Otis and Shane running from the Zombies. Shane realzed they weren’t going to make it so with his last bullet he shots Otis in the leg.  He wrestles away all the equipment and Otis is devoured by the zombies letting Shane escape.  This is the crux of the entire episode with Shane finally pretty much succumbing to his darker side.  We’ve seen glimpses of it in the past where Shane seems a bit edgy, be we finally see him dip his toe in the water of being homicidal.

What I liked about this situation is you can openly debate it, although I don’t know if that what the writers were intending.  Shane sacrificed Otis to save Carl and maybe this was the right thing to do.  If he hadn’t done what he did, there’s potentially 3 people dead instead of 1.  Will the writers let us fight it out over what’s right and what’s wrong in an insane, nightmarish world where you do what you have to in order to survive, or does this set Shane up to be the real monster in this world.  It’s the first interesting quandary the writers have given us in quite a few episodes.  This is the strength of The Walking Dead; the rules of the world have changed and you do what you think is right because there are no rules anymore.  Otis caused this problem in the first place so Shane made him the sacrifice, I’m actually good with that, but I don’t know if that was the point of not.

Episode 1 was amazingly tense but had some questionable moments making the characters look really dumb.  Episode 2 was sort of ok, but was mostly there to set up what we saw in episode 3, which I thought had some down time but was a solid episode with a good ending.  Not a surprising ending because believe me or not, I don’t care, but when Shane showed up alone, I knew he killed Otis.  I’m not trying to be the smartest guy in the room, I just know a powder keg when I see one, and Shane might be really to blow.



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