Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween: Recap

Here’s the list in full.

2.Night of the Living Dead
3.Evil Dead 2
4.A Nightmare on Elm St.
5.Dawn Of The Dead
6.The Thing
7.The Exorcist
9.Texas Chainsaw Massacre
10.The Shinning
11. Honorable Mention
12.Shuan of the Dead
14.28 Days Later
15.Friday the 31th Part 6
16. An American Warewolf in London
17.They Live
19. The Sixth Sense
20 The Last House on The Left
21.Fright Night
22.Dawn of the Dead (2004)
23.The Mist
27.From Dusk Til Dawn
29.Dead Alive
30.Near Dark
31.Drag Me To Hell

Most movies by a Film Maker: 3-way-tie (John Carpenter; Halloween, The Thing, They Live) Wes Craven (Last House on The Left, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm St, George A Romero (Creepshow, Dawn of the Dead, Night of the living Dead)

Rule: In order to make the list the movie would have to be made in the last 50 years. 1961-2011

Oldest Movie: Psycho 1960 (shit!)

Newst Movie: Drag Me To Hell

Movies that made the list I watched for the first time within the last 30 days: An American Warewolf in London.

Movie I forgot to mention in honorable mention because they slipped my mind: Devil’s Rejects, Salem’s Lot, Cabin Fever.

Most Referenced sites: Wikipedia, Netflix.

Movie I turned off half-way through that was suggested I watch: Night Of The Comet, Hostel (I can stomach the movie, i just thought it sucked.)

Post with the most hits: #23 The Mist.

Thanks for the checking out the list and any of my reviews.

~ by ATOM on October 31, 2011.

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