The Punisher: TV Bound?

For Years…literally years me and my brother will wax intellectual (sorta) about how they really missed the boat on a Punisher TV show because the movies just don’t seem to work.  Our idea always centered around a cop (Soap perhaps) being the man focus as he follows the murderous vigilante “The Punisher” who wouldn’t be the star but the focal point and weather what he was doing is right or wrong.  Similar to a Dexter type show…Well I guess somebody was eves-dropping our conversation because it looks like it might happen.

*Sources are reporting that The Fox network just picked up a new TV adaptation of Marvels The Punisher from ABC! The series will be an hour long show and will “will focus on NYPD detective Frank Castle, whose alter ego is that of a vigilante seeking justice for those failed by the court system.”

*Ed Bernero, an ex-Chicago cop, and co-creator of Third Watch and Criminal Minds will serve as the executive producer on the series.

Ok maybe nobody was listening and this idea seem sort of muddled from what The Punisher is…but I’m trying to stay optimistic.  I know people who are hardcore fans are flipping out over the change from the comic book but  maybe if they gear it more towards a procedural cop type show it’ll gain and audience and oh I don’t know…not get canceled after a handful of episode.

So hopefully this venture will be something they’d want to feature on FX because that affiliate takes more chances and more liberties that a Punisher show may require.   This seems pretty concrete and reports are the thumbs up has been given on a pilot.

So just for fun, I ask my brother to cast what would be his ideal Punisher show;  Anyone is fair game, in a perfect world this is the characters used and actors to portray them.

Punisher/Jon Hamm

This one has been kicked around before and it I agree it’s pretty fitting.  Hamm is his best as a brooding son-of a bitch such as the one he plays on Mad Men.  Put an M-16 in his hand and he’s good to go as Frank Castle.

John Goodman/Microchip

Most people pick the guy who played Newman on Sienfeld but I liked this pick because John Goodman is a really underrated actor and would rule as Frank right hand man.

James Gandolfini/Kingpin


Michael Fassbender/Bullseye

An interesting choice but agreeable. So far Fassbender can go no wrong and would be a great choice to play the murderous assassin.

Matt Murdock(DareDevil)/Misha Collins

Great pic, anyone a fan of the show Supernatural would have to agree.  He’s got the voice and the chops to pull off the Lawyer and the Hero.

Detective Soap/Ryan Gosling

Going for a younger Soap to contrast an older Frank, this makes for a good choice; but after seeing Drive I wanna see Gosling play more psychopaths.

Spiderman/Joseph Gordon Levitt

This was kicked around during the casting of the newest movie and didn’t pan out.  Shame because JGL was born to play Spiderman.

Black Punisher/Deon Richards

I decided to add this because if your a hardcore Punisher fan it will make you smile.  In what was one of the most controversial story lines in the Punisher universe during the 90’s. The Punisher under goes a surgery that makes him an african-american man.  He fights racist cops and kicks people asses along side Luke Cage, if anything it was interesting.  I picked Deon Richards from Psych because it’s an underrated show and Louis Gossett Jr. is too old….see what I did there.


~ by ATOM on October 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Punisher: TV Bound?”

  1. dumbest cast for the punisher yet. the idea of the focus on soap down to the fact you actually wanna put him on tv knowing the restrictions shows how much of a fan you are

    • I’m sure there’s been dumber….somewhere in vast reaches of the internet there has to be a worse Punisher tv show that will never happen fantasy cast than this one. Surely?

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