Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: Wake Up Baby

Here we are one day after Vengeance and even though it was the 3rd PPV in 6 weeks, now all roads lead to Survivor Series which is supposed to be a big show. Vengeance I thought was a decent/really good PPV; maybe due to low expectations but we start here at Raw to see where this all leads.

The opening is Triple H calling out Kevin Nash because of the power bomb he received at Vengeance.  He talks about his friends in the business and he even drops Sean Waltman’s name and who continues to get X-Pac heat. (no reaction)  Johnny Ace tries to smooth out the situation but Triple H wants Kevin Nash and says Johnny is gonna serve him to up or he’s going to embarrass the company by cupping his farts in the middle of the ring.  Triple H tries to leave the arena but is attacked by Kevin Nash via Sledge Hammer.  After the commercial he we see Nash grab HHH off of a gurney, he sets him up against a wall and says “wake up baby”  and kills him with a sledge hammer to the face.  I guess.  Solid opening, exciting, sledgehammery fun.

Orton and Sheamus def Rhodes and Christian.
Sheamus gets the win via Brougue Kick to the balls of Cody Rhodes followed by a Celtic Cross and an Irish Curse Back Breaker and an Irish Car Bomb Suplex, and the IRA Driver, The Drunk DDT, The Potato Famine Swinging Neck breaker and the rest of the white guy’s finishers.

Johnny Ace sets up a main event of Miz and R-Truth vs Cena and a partner of his choosing.  I’d predict Hornswoggle but I assume he’s dead since Mark Henry and The Big Show collapsed the ring.  RIP little buddy.

I wonder if the chessy bacon bowl is treading on twitter?

Dolph Ziggler def Santino.  After a post match beat down Mason Ryan makes the save and continues his US title push of yelling at people.  If they give this guy the US title Matt Hardy is going to roll over in his grave.

Alberto Del Rio comes out to talk about his match at “Bengence” and call people dogs but CM Punk interrupts to challenge for the title.  Del Rio says he needs more Bictorys and he’s at the back of the line.  Johnny Ace sets up a match for Del Rio and Punk at Survivor Series if CM Punk says infront of the wwe umi….unamb…umaberse (it was a tough one for him) that he respects him.  Punk shits on Johnny and doesn’t get his title shot.  Oh well, Sin Cara Negro needs someone to fued with.

Alicia Fox def Natalya via shitty entrance music submission.

Wade Barrett def John Morrison:  Can we just release Morrison so Cole can never again saw “Price of Parkore”  I don’t even hate the guy, I just want it to stop and stop complaining about JR and talking about Twitter.

In between commercial  breaks Cole challenges JR to a match (I think) next week in Georgia because he’s sick of JR. (?) No one cares.

The final match is a handicap match between Zack Ryder gets the woo woo woo beat out of him backstage before the match.  The Miz and Truth beat down Cena via DQ and as compensation Johnny Ace says John Cena can have a partner of his chosing to fight the Miz and Truth at Survivor Series.  Like all of us John Cena has seen the Survivor Series poster already and chooses the Rock.

I’ll be honest I really wanted them to go with the traditional Survivor Series match but they’re going with the tag because they want the focus to be on The Rock and Cena.  Because we won’t be beaten over the face with The Rock and Cena between now and Mania…there’s no way that happens.  Whatever; decent Raw coming off the PPV, but I was expecting more.  Maybe a new faction of Heels, but everything still seems scrambled.  See ya next week.

I would just like to end this episode of Raw and tell you about something thats been haunting me for weeks.  Two weeks ago I was surfing Youtube and linked to a video of Kane; It was one of those hey looks he’s a real guy, pictures of him in a sweater with his fluffy white dog, etc.  So I left a comment being a smartass and it read “So you’re saying out of the ring Kane is just a normal guy.  Next thing your going to tell me is he’s NOT the Undertaker’s brother”  I was bored and I got a chuckle at my sarcasm soaked little rib, haha now lets move on.  Fast forward two weeks later and I’m still being harassed by youtubers calling me an idiot..that I need to wake up because he’s not the undertakers brother, etc.  (face palm)


~ by ATOM on October 25, 2011.

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