WWE Vengeance: Results and Reaction.

Here’s the drill: Tonight was Walking Dead and let’s face it Raw has been pretty shitty the last two weeks so I decided to take off a PPV and watch The Walking Dead, but I’ve tracked down some results and did indeed catch the last two matches so here we go.

Air Boom def: Ziggler and Swagger:  I’m fine with this, They’re a good tag team but Ziggler and Swagger are just filler.  They need to develop some new teams for the them to face otherwise people will continue not to care.

Ziggler def: Zack Ryder: Funny Ziggler has to do double duty at the PPV.  I’m good with Ziggler grabbing a win and glad Ryder made the card.

Beth Phoenix def: Eve:Good for Beth…i guess.

Sheamus Def Christian: I don’t mind this run that Sheamus is on and it’ll probably result in a title run soon.  I hope Christian can get…ONE…MORE….MATCH.

Miz/R-Truth Def: HHH/CM Punk.  Kevin Nash makes his return and interferes with the match and costs Punk and H the match.  This match had one week of build up so really who cares who won?  And is anyone excited Kevin Nash is back?

Orton def: Cody Rhodes: I never understand the point of a non-title match on a PPV.  I understand giving Orton the IC title is pointless, but bury you’re current champ with a clean lose in a non-title match on a PPV seems even more pointless.

Mark Henry/Big Show: I jumped into this mid-match because Zombie’s ended at 10 and holy shit the ring collapsed.  Very cool finish with a reprisal of the Brock Lesner superplex from Smackdown years back on the Big Show.  Henry superplexed Big Show and collapsed the ring.  Afterwards both fatty’s lied around whaling and moaning while they tried to find a big enough wheel barrel to get em out of there.  No finish.

Alberto Del Rio Def: John Cena. I wrote Del Rio def Cena before the match starts and lets hope I don’t have to erased it.  Not cause I hate Cena but because I’m lazy and I think Cena moves on from the WWE title and on to The Rock after tonight.  Despite the collapsed ring these guys fought in the ring which was an interesting twist.  Cena does come to the ring in a new outfit which is super exciting.  He dropped the Jorts for some cargos which is smart cause it gives The Rock one less to talk about.  A new shirt too, a black one too! something about haters on the front and the back is the standard Hustle Loyalty Farts.   Anywho this match was a slug fest all the way through with both guys taking big time bumps.  People have talked that these two have no in ring chemestry so I guess the only way to fix that was to take it outside of the ring.  Anywho; with help from Miz and Truth, Del Rio uses a shot with the belt to lay waste to Cena and get the victory.

This does go on to set up some kinda HHH/Cena/The Rock to take on Nash/Miz and Truth and maybe more but should be interesting. This may also put Punk in the drivers seat for the world title again, so a solid PPV overall. After a week of slurping diarrhea this was a good pallet cleanser.  No only if we can get rid of Sin Cara and get Daniel Bryan back on TV we’d have some progress.  See ya tomorrow folks.




~ by ATOM on October 23, 2011.

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