Fear Itself #7: Review

This week marks the end of the seven book saga of Fear Itself, so why not review it? I’ll breeze through the story so far. Basically the World Serpent is back and he is using magic hammers that are also avatars of chaos to possess super humans of earth. When these super humans are unwillingly transformed into the avatars they bring fear to the world which empowers the Serpent, and might I add the super humans are all bad! So everybody is panicking and it looks like the end of everything as we know it. But there is one last hope….The Mighty Thor, which in the prophecy he will kill the Serpent and die as well, so now on to the review.
This book kicks right in with the action, the battle field……Broxton, Oklahoma home of fallen Asgard as to be expected. This book really comes alive with the art, and the writing isn’t too shabby either, Matt Fraction being one of my favorite writers in comics. I didn’t read all the tie –ins only a few but one that seemed like I should have read was Iron Man. He comes back from Asgard and presents The Avengers with mystical weapons blessed by Odin that will transform the user and they will become more powerful. This part was pretty cool seeing how each individual character would be transformed, and how they would fair against the Avatars. Needless to say the weapons worked and the Avengers kicked ass!! Meanwhile, the time has come for the final battle of the Serpent (who transformed) and Thor. It was a good battle and during it Thor lost his hammer, and Captain America picked it up and used it. I didn’t think he could do that, oh well, he is Captain America. Thor though, retained a mystical sword and then stabbed The Serpent right through the head fulfilling one part of the prophecy and just when you thought he might live he falls as well. I gotta admit when I finished it I was like that’s it, the prophecy came true and Thor’s dead, but then I figured that was the best way it could have ended. After the battle, Odin takes the Serpent’s corpse and returns to Asgard shutting all others out of Asgard space. I think he’s depressed… maybe a Paxil will help!! It ends with a funeral being held for Thor and the Avengers promising to rebuild. There are a few epilogues and one that I thought was cool was the Hulk epilogue. I like how they’re going in that direction by separating Banner and the Hulk (and Jason Aaron is writing which is a plus). So, that’s it the end of Fear Itself, it’s definitely worth a read, and I’m also going to check out the 12 issue miniseries Fear Itself the Fearless looks to be promising. Peace Ya’ll.

Story- B
Artwork- A-



~ by ATOM on October 19, 2011.

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