Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween #15; Friday The 13th part 6

The Friday the 13th series and it’s history is something that gets a little muddled in translation unless you are a hardcore fan.  First common misconception is Jason was not the original killer, it was his mother.  Jason comes back to wreak havoc in parts 2 through 4 but never bringing to life any supernatural elements other than “He’s hard to kill” Part 5 is the film that takes a steaming dump on the mythology by making the killer just a dude posing as Jason. Part 5 is the “Halloween 3” of the series. The father of the stupid chocolate bar kid from the beginning takes up the mantle of Jason and kills people cause some psycho chopped up his son with an axe.  At the end of Jason part 5 the film hinted toward protagonist Tommy Jarvis donning the Jason mask and becoming the new Jason.  Well this got a piss poor response from fans so the producers and film makers said “fuck it” and came up with a plot for part 6 where Tommy Jarvis digs up Jason’s Corpse and stabs it with a long metal rod during a lightning storm.  He leaves the rod in his chest, rod gets struck by lightning, bing bang boom Jason lives! Stupid? Oh absolutely….Awesome….YES! It was this decision alone that molded Jason as the walking Zombie serial killer we all know and love today.

In part 6 we start with Tommy Jarvis who is still haunted by his encounter with Jason from part 4 where he killed Jason when he was just a 12 year Corey Feldman.  So Tommy is living in a mental hospital and has the grand plan of burning Jason’s body. So he ventures to the cemetery with his buddy but his plan just plain sucks as stated above. After Jason is resurrected by Tommy’s stupid lightning rod conductor miscue, Jason rises from the grave and punches a fucking hole through Tommy Jarvis’s friend Horchace from Welcome Back Cotter.

The rest of the movie writes the script for the quintessential slasher flick as Jason returns to Crystal Lake to kill shit loads of people in some of the most creative ways possible through out the entire series.  This one not only introduces the supernatural elements of Jason’s character but also some humor along with his kills.  Creativity in these kills is what makes this such a fun and entertaining horror film.


~ by ATOM on October 17, 2011.

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