Rock and Shock

This weekend is the annual “Rock and Shock”  horror convention so me and a few junkers ventured out to Worcester Ma. to check out the sites and sounds.  As soon as I got there some mouth breather was telling me it wasn’t as good as last year but I still had a pretty good time.  First guy I got to meet was Lance Hendrickson.

A Legend in the horror community being in feature films such as “Aliens” “Near Dark” and “Punkinhead”. Also he’s a pretty established voice actor including Marvels Avengers and The Mass Effect series.  These facts made him a must stop on my tour of the show.  I chatted him up about my love of Near Dark and I told him I write  a movie blog called “Pop Junk” for which I recently did a review for Near Dark to which he answered with “Papa Johns!?” After I corrected him he talked to me about how much he loves Boston, his involvement in an improve group here in town, etc.  All in all very cool guy.  As I walked away to check my photo with him.

He informed the next guy in line that I wrote a Blog as if he were star struck by my useless bloggieness. Unfortunetly the next guy in line was this man.

He was not inpressed by my blogging ways.

Next on the tour I went and saw William Forsythe actor in such horror movies as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and The Devil’s Rejects.  I talked him up about his turn as Flattop in Dick Tracey which he seemed happy to discuss.  I forgot to bring up my “Cloak and Dagger” questions but I did remember to ask about something I found on his IMDB page which is his inclusion to the cast of “Raging Bull 2”  He says they called him up to be in it but it’s tied up in red tape right…I hope it stays that way.  No Offensive Mr. Forsythe. He’s there to help promote the debut of the film “Inkubus” starring him and Robert England.  I did not have tickets to this event but I found out later in the day he helped a female friend score free tickets to premier.  hmmmmmm, where I did go wrong?

Next I ran into Penny Dreadful; She is the host a horror movie show called ‘Shilling Shockers’ on television stations throughout the six New England states. I have an undying love for those old school monster movie shows where the host and cast dress in horror garb and show classic horror flicks with little skits and stuff in between. It’s a really cool show and for public access they have their shit together.  Being an Icon in the public access community (wink) I introduced myself to her and chatted her up about some of my old shows and how much I enjoyed hers.  She was really cool and I’m glad I got to meet her.

After that encounter I had to shop around, grabbed some old school poster and stumbled across a kick ass Misfits shirt I had yet to come across in my travels and it was an automatic buy.

After shopping around time ran short so I skipped the long ass Robert England line, dodged the teeth and soul shattering stare of Gary Busey and decided to meet a true hero of mine; Rowdy Roddy Piper.  I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to the old school wrestlers but Piper transcends that.  You hear stories about Hogan and Flair and it really makes you think “wow those guys sound like total scumbags” but from everything I’ve heard Piper is the genuine article.  Not to mention he stars in what I think is one of the most underrated horror/sci-fi movies in “They Live” I went in empty handed which was already a fail because the guy in from of me had the WCW US title replica belt and the guy behind me had a fucking coconut.  The next fail was when I met him because everybody I met prior to him I chatted up but with Piper I just froze.  Things of note: He had a neck brace on due to surgery he received I think a few weeks ago.  He’s got fuckin bananas hands and he’s wicked nice.  He asked me where I was from and said to me that back in the day me and him would have raised a lot of hell in Boston and probably would have wound up in jail.  I forgot my original plan of snapping a picture of him forcing my sunglasses on to my face;  I just smiled and drooled while he talked to me in my very own awful appearance on Piper’s Pit.  Anyhow Piper was really cool, he talked up my friend about his CM Punk shirt and the fight in “They Live” telling him how Keith David really whaled on him during the shooting of it.

After meeting Piper I was low on cash and The Juggalos started showing up in droves because ICP was the headlining bands so me and my cohorts bee’lined it outta there in the nick of time.


Robert England; He looked good for his age but his line was crazy long and he’s still fictional to me so I’d rather not meet him.

Gary Busey: I wanted to feel the wraith of Busey but when I was in line for Piper he sat at his table, looked over to me and looked into my soul.  It was very frightening.

No one from “The Walking Dead” showed up due to a comic con appearance.

As mentioned earlier I have a friend who’s attending the premiere of Inkubus so maybe I’ll have a report on that later.  Anywho “Rock and Shock” was a blast and plan on checking it out next year as well.


~ by ATOM on October 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rock and Shock”

  1. Um correction there buddy…. little blonde zombie girl was there from the Walking Dead was there ya know! She looked so cute but out of her element. I offered to be a huge fan to the guy from “The Strangers” for $20 since nobody was going to his table but I don’t take credit cards…

    • True I stand corrected, she wasn’t cool enough to be beckoned to comic con with the rest of the cast. That was very nice of you by the way.

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