Punisher Max #18: Review

Last issue the Punisher escaped prison, and set up shop in his old abandoned house. With all his hideouts ransacked by the Kingpin’s men, he has to find a way to acquire a new arsenal. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) has acquired the services of the beautiful assassin Elektra. Unknown to Fisk, his ex wife Vanessa originally hired Elektra to kill him for revenge of the death of her son.

Let me start by saying this issue is amazing. The opening of the book shows Frank in the Attica Prison Hospital Ward demanding a nurse to tell him where Bullseye’s room is. So he’s face to face with an unresponsive Bullseye and puts a bullet right through the target on his forehead. This is what I love about the Punisher – he’s brutal and relentless when it comes to the bad guys, and Jason Aaron executes it perfectly. This was only the second page and I was saying to myself, it’s better than a lot of stuff I have been reading lately. Also this book has it all, killing, drugs, and tits, not too bad. As usual throughout the book you see the Punisher killing mobsters, and drug dealers and whoever is connected to the Kingpin, pretty good stuff. It shows Kingpin fucking some whores but Elektra clears them out. As it continues the Kingpin starts talking to himself and seemingly starts to lose his mind being stuck in that skyscraper in fear of the Punisher. He then has a meeting with all his associates and they all agree that he has to send a message to the Punisher, so he orders Elektra to kill his own men; he then goes nuts and kills them as well. As the last body drops they both look at each other and start fucking on the table, Elektra’s a dirty bitch in this universe! The end is pretty twisted, Punisher desperately wants Kingpin to come to him so he goes to any length and starts to dig up Kingpin’s son’s corpse. Bananas!!! This is a book that’s definitely worth reading, I know there’s a lot of bullshit out there but THIS book isn’t one of them. A must read!

Story- A
Artwork- B-



~ by ATOM on October 13, 2011.

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