Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween. #21 Fright Night


1985’s Fright Night is a true horror movie lovers delight, showcasing a horror film addict main character, an entertaining side character who’s main function is to play tribute to horrors past and a frightening vampire antagonist.  Once again in that far off land known as the “80’s” Vampires were still scary and not your friend who glitters in the sun.  Fright Night follows the story of Charlie Brewster who believes a vampire is living next door to him and is committing heinous vampire like acts in the night.  His friend, mom and girlfriend all think he’s full of shit, so he turns to the one man he knows has faced with vampires and lived to tell about, the fearless vampire killer Peter Vincent (a tribute to Peter Cushing and Vincent Price) played by Roddy McDowall. Vincent is actually just a washed up actor who was recently fired from his public access show which was a classic late night horror movie show.  Through the temptation of money, Vincent agrees to help them look into the matter, but the only problem is Charlie is right.

This is one of those films that from afar seemed dated and I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it but there’s just too much not to like about this film. It’s a great if not one of the classic editions to the Vampire genre in the 1980’s.  It’s a healthy mix of Hammer horror, John Hughes’esk teen angst, and Hitchcockian themes.  It totally works as a horror/vampire flick but there’s just something inherently fun about this movie.

The real stand out this flick McDowall’s performance is the hilarious and bubbling Peter Vincent and probably had a ton of fun playing this part. His scenes hosting his horror show are great and then when he helps Charlie inside the Vampires basement are equally good. Recently remade which seemed unnecessary though I’ve heard positive things, This film still holds up as a classic 1980’s horror film.






~ by ATOM on October 11, 2011.

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