Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween: #23 The Mist

If you read my review for Scream 4 I criticized it for having no balls what so over with the way they handled the ending of the film.  Well if you want a movie with a ballsy ending than I give you the The Mist and it’s walrus sized balls of an ending.  I had no problem adding spoilers to my review of Scream 4 but this review will be quick because I will not ruin the ending of this film because it’s so gut wrenching that you just have to experience it for yourself…it almost makes me feel guilty walking you into, almost.

The Mist was released in 2007 by a horribly underrated director in Frank Darbont who for this film has adapted a short story by Steven King and even added in his own ending that he insisted be in the theatrical release or he wouldn’t make the film.  The Mist is the story of an artist named David Drayton (Played by Thomas Jane) who travels to a store with his young son to get supplies after a storm hits their home town in Castle Rock Maine.  When they arrive at this store the entire town is engulfed in an unexplainable and malevolent mist claiming the lives of anyone caught inside of it.   This traps David and his son, along with a store full of shoppers and employees inside the store which is where the story unravels within the horror of what lies inside the mist and the misgivings and paranoia of the people trapped inside.

Darabont lets the horror and unease just build seamlessly with the creatures in the mist trying to get inside and the human characters themselves letting them reflect some of Darabont’s misgivings about society. Darabont’s focus on the people in the store is the real story as we see them split into competing factions reflecting on race, religion, and class.  We see the terrifying monsters within the Mist tear their victims apart, but it’s the humans themselves who become the real monsters as David Drayton and his faction decide at one point they are better off taking their chances against The Mist than the people inside the store.

This is as far as I’ll go because I feel like this is a truly terrifying horror film that really delivers.  The only flaws that really took me out of the story from time to time was some shotty CGI work and a real lack of levity, making it extra dreary but I guess that really is the point.  I thought this movie deserved to be a hit but was really in and out of the theaters for the most part. I guess by today’s standards if a movie doesn’t already have a built in audience, there is very little hope.  People who complain about modern horror movies must have missed this one because as far as today’s movie rank, this is right at the top as far as main stream horror is concerned.


~ by ATOM on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween: #23 The Mist”

  1. Very good flick! CRAZY ending.

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