Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween #25: Frailty

Frailty a horror thriller released in 2001 places a magnifying glass over religious mania that turns the tables on its audience, recasting Old Testament fury with frightening and unexpected twists and turns. Directed by and starring Bill Paxton who is brilliant as usual and can’t really be on this list enough as far as I’m concerned.

The majority of the story is told through flashbacks, as a mysterious man (Matthew McConaughey) tells a terrible tale to an FBI agent (Powers Boothe) investigating the “God’s Hand” serial killer case.   He spins a tale of two boys and their widowed father who was visited in the night and was chosen to see demons and deliver God’s justice.  The Father character played by Bill Paxton begins to bring people home whom he claims are demons chosen by god and he murders them in front of his children believing that he is doing gods work.  A division between the brothers begins to boil over as one believes that their Father is truly doing God’s work and the other believing his father is a bat-shit crazy serial killer.

I wanted to include this movie on this list for the reasons that it’s a really basic but excellent horror film with cool twists and also the fact that I find it’s very underrated.  Those who have seen it that I know loved it, but there are only a handful because this movie really just came and went rather quickly.  I can’t talk too much about this film because of the twists and possible spoilers.  The biggest winner in this is Paxton making his directorial debut and doing an excellent job on this film.  It’s cold and calculated much like his performance in the movie itself.  You can tell it’s pretty low budget but its the type of film that does so much out of it’s content and has more of a punch than the usual over produced Hollywood horror film.


~ by ATOM on October 7, 2011.

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