Superior # 5: Review

Small week for books this week, but one book which I completely forgot about came out Superior. I’m pretty sure its been like three months or so since this book came out, anyway here’s the review.

Quick synopsis: A young boy and basketball player Simon Pooni was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which left him crippled and blind in one eye. As this disease slowly takes over his body, there seems to be a light of hope… a Monkey! Yes a monkey, and no ordinary monkey an astronaut monkey named Ormon shows up before him and tells him he can grant him a wish but after seven days he’ll be back to check on him. So Simon a fan of the movies SUPERIOR asks to be the character and is miraculously transformed into him. He then uses his newfound powers to save the world. When Simon’s friend Chris is being bullied by the local kid Sharpie he uses his Superior powers to scare the shit out of him, but then later the bully Sharpie is also visited by Ormon making the same kind of offer for revenge. Only thing is he can get whatever he wants but he has to agree to serve Ormon’s dark master……………SATAN!
Issue Five  starts off with Superior in Afganistan, locating Al Queda and bringing them to justice without killing. This goes on throughout the book as he starts helping out all the countries in the world with their problems. Well I guess this is the book all terrorist fear which is one of the many ridiculous tag-lines Millar is using on his books. What I thought was cool was when the president spoke to Superior on the phone to thank and congratulate him on his efforts, and asked if there was anything he wanted or needed. So, Superior being a kid inside a mans body asked if he could play baseball for the Mets, play bass in his favorite rock band and play basketball for the Knicks against the Heat. Needless to say the games were a slobberknocker! So, Sharpie the bully, walks into his house, which was the kind of place I would expect… a dump with bad parents. He says he’s going to kill them all as he awaits for his magic wish to become Abraxas, Superiors arch enemy. I can’t wait for this book to finally heat up and we can see some classic good vs. evil. The end of this issue shows Superior at a reporter’s (Madeline Knox) apartment, but guess what?…… the monkey shows up and flings shit at him….ok so I lied but that would have been great. (Poop is funny). The monkey reverts him back to his old self and mocks him for not being able to guess what he is, as men in masks or demons are dancing around, real freaky shit. So the kid gets it.. he’s a demon and if he wants to be Superior again, he has to sell his soul. So will he sell his soul? So do we have to wait another flippin’ three months?, or is this book going to come out in six weeks? Anyway I was indeed pleased with this issue it had a good story and has from the start and the art is amazing! Its worth a read!

Story- B
Artwork- A-



~ by ATOM on October 6, 2011.

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