Pop Junk’s 31 Days of Halloween: #27 From Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn tells the story of two brothers Seth and Richie Gecko played by George Clooney and Tarantino himself, on the run to Mexico after robbing a bank and taking a hostage. Along the way the brothers take another set of hostages played by Harvey Keitel and his daughter played by Juliette Lewis and some other kid that was never in anything before or after this movie but his only noteable quality was his Assault on Precinct 13 t-shirt. Harvey Keitel plays a preacher who lost his faith because his wife died in a drunk driving accident which is the same exactly storyline that you will later hear for Mel Gibson’s character in M.Night shamalamadingdong’s Signs. The Brothers make Harvey Keitel drive them over the border into Mexico in Harvery Keitel’s camper in which they rendezvous at a bar for truckers and bikers Called The Titty Twister whose hours are open from Dusk Till Dawn.

Their arrival to the bar is met with a very memorable scene where Chech Marin has a very vulgar yet comical introduction to the bar much like an advertisement by a used car salesmen. The brothers and their hostages begin to enjoy what this establishment has to offer such as booze and naked chicks everywhere, litterally all over the damn place. we are then treated to a strip tease by Salma Hayek which I think only served to feed Tarantino’s weird foot fetish, oh and she doesn’t even go topless even though they’re suppose to be at the craziest underground titty bar in Mexico. (LAME!)  Following this scene things begin to turn ugly as the entire bar staff reveal themselves to be demonic vampires. All hell breaks loose and we’re treated to a really cool scene of all the vamps salughting patrons as the main characters try and defend themselves. In addition to that we get a cameo by horror special effects king Tom Savini, who packs a crotch gun in one scene which is a reference to Rodriguez’s Desperado. The vampires in this movie are more like zombies and they tried to make they’re faces look more like a bats face. All the basic vampire killing techniques are in this movie such as stakes through the heart, holy water, sun light and crosses. We are treated to a lot of great gore scenes with effects brought to you by both Tom Savini and Greg Nikotero who is known for his works on The Evil Dead trilogy and The Walking Dead.

This was a pretty bad-ass role for George Clooney, killing vamps and spewing one-liners and does deserve to stand amoung the elite Iconic horror protagotiscs. In the vein of Evil Dead’s constructed hand-Chainsaw and Phantasm’s Four-Barrelled shotgun, George Clooney’s character constructs a badass Vampire killing weapon out of a Jack-Hammer and a large wooden stake. The soundtrack consists mostly of a Texas style blues. I was really young when I first saw this movie so the mass amounts of gore and titties made me feel like I was watching an X rated movie and who wouldn’t love that!? Also Cheech Marin plays like 3 different people in this movie and it’s really funny in all 3 parts. This film was great because the first half of the movie is a gangster reservoir dogs style flick, and the other half is a gore filled vampire flick, and with that it definitely deserves a spot in this list.
Disclaimer:  Pay no attention to the sequels….it doesn’t matter that Bruce Campbell is in part 2…it’s not good.



~ by ATOM on October 5, 2011.

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