24: The Movie

24 is in my humble opinion the only television show that some how went from the most over rated show on TV to the most underrated show.  That show began in 2001 and had so much buzz and hype that I resisted watching it because I assume people were just over rating what looked like a stupid concept.  in 2005 is when I started watching it because of the sudden boom of TV on DVD and because of that I kicked out about a season a week until I was caught up to watch season 5 in real time.  By the later seasons most people crapped on 24 for being ridiculous and unoriginal but I thought it was still one of the best, sharpest, most entertaining shows on TV.  Then the series concluded (spoiler)with Jack Bauer walked off into the sunset which I thought was an appropriate ending.  Rumblings of a movie being in the works has existed since the show was at it’s most popular about 5 or 6 years ago.

For the first time in awhile on the same week of the an Arrested Development movie rumors hit a fever pitch Den of Geek published an article about the prospects of a 24 movie and from what they say it seems pretty promising.



~ by ATOM on October 4, 2011.

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