31 Days of Halloween: # 29 Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson made the Lord of the Rings trilogy he “kicked ass for the lord”  Jackson’s second film is a blood bath of a horror film.  There are no rules in this 1993 gore fest which subjects it’s viewers to buckets of blood, eye balls and limbs in the vein of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead turned up to a ridiculous level.  I was introduced to this movie in the late 90’s when I was in a band and at our rehearsal space next door to our band was a heavy metal band that watched this movie every night they practiced.  They were obsessed with Dead Alive and they made me watch it which one night which I did out of fear cause they were scary dudes and I found this movie to be funny as all hell.

The dialog is awful, the special effects are pretty terrible and dated and the story is laughable but it just somehow works.  Bodies tear themselves in half; rib cages are ripped from their owners; a murderous monster baby burrows into someone’s head from the inside; the hero plows through a living room full of zombies while wielding a raised lawn mower.  This movie might have it all when it comes to gore, I don’t even have to get too deep into the plot which involves an Austrian dude and his zombie mum. It doesn’t matter, if you wanna get grossed out and laugh along the way, watch this film, it’s a true classic of splatterdom.






~ by ATOM on October 3, 2011.

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