Trailer Trash


The Woman:  The story of a family that finds a weird dirty feral chick living in the woods behind their house so they take her in, sorta.  Check out the trailer this movie looks fucked up, but kinda awesome.  This might be worth checking out.

J.Edgar: The long awaited Clint Eastwood directed, Leonardo Dicaprio starring, cross-dressing fiasco….hey was that the from burn notice playing a Kennedy?

Machine Gun Preacher:  This movie has a serious lack of machine-guns. just sayin.

Trailer of the Week: John Dies At The End:  A book I’ve been meaning to read for years but never got around to it, this trailer really came out of nowhere but I think it looks pretty awesome.  I’m  a huge fan of Don Coscarelli’s movies so I’m pretty pumped for this.


~ by ATOM on October 1, 2011.

One Response to “Trailer Trash”

  1. I want to know how a feral girl living in the woods cuts her bangs.

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