Superman #1 (DC’s New 52)


This week was a big comic week for me… I had 14 books I wanted to buy but narrowed it down to ten. The book I’m going to review is Superman Number 1, part of the new 52, and I’m glad I picked this one up, it was almost left behind like a used sock.

The story starts with the demolition of the old Daily Planet building, globe and all. Lets take a guess who’s not too happy about it …..Superman. From what I gather the Daily Planet is broadening its horizons to reach more people with news of the city of tomorrow, by joining galaxy communications. I liked the way the book started off, and it gets even better as it goes on. I gotta admit I picked it up flipped through it and thought to myself “probably more garbage”, but eventually I decided to get it. So thats the first part of the book, the second involves a crazy action scene with a fire creature believed to be from another world. Of course Lois Lane who is now in charge of the news team springs her guys into action to film the fight. The action was great with Superman and the alien, you almost think he’s gonna lose, but he prevails in the end. Also I havent been reading too much Superman but there’s a scene with a monster on top of the Himalayas blowing a horn (yes I know that sounds weird but its true). Its probably going to be connected to the other alien being, or maybe a story to come by itself. Then there’s the third part which Clark Kent goes to Lois Lane’s house to apologize for how he acted and treated her earlier in the book. It was just a small argument but it would have been better if it was like the old Lois Lane books where he’s trying to kill her and cutting off her oxygen supply in space… classic!! Anyways, Lois opens the door and Clark tells her how he is proud of her for telling the helicopter to pull back from the action so no one got hurt, but to Clark’s surprise, her boyfriend whom Clark never met joins the conversation (ain’t that a kick in the nuts!) He must feel like shit, especially when he can hear them talking about him after he leaves, how he’s pretty much a loser “cough” I mean loner. I really liked this book, it seemed like it was almost two comics in one so I feel I got my money’s worth. Its already better than some of that Straczynski crap! Buy this book!!

Story- A-
Artwork – B-





~ by ATOM on September 29, 2011.

One Response to “Superman #1 (DC’s New 52)”

  1. My favorite part is the spiderman pic at the end.

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