Red Dawn: Where’d you go???

Red Dawn a 1984 Film about World War 3 brought to our doorstep and a group of young kids who become insurgents and battle the invading forces; This movie is a guilty pleasure movie for me.  Actually, why do I have to feel guilty about loving this movie!  I used to day dream in school the scene where the Russian’s parachute in and kill my AK47’s the hell out of everyone, while I escape unscathed and turn the fucking tables!  Seriously I know this movie doesn’t hold up super well today but I find it generally entertaining to this day.

A few years ago (2009 I believe) there was rumblings of a remake and then it seemed virtually over night there was a cast, director and it was in production.  It was this movie and Star Trek that helped Chris Hemsworth acquire lead in Thor.  I read reports online that some of scenes resembled the kick-assery that we’d be playing out on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  I read that production wrapped and I figured any day now there would be a trailer to help judge weather this movie would be worth checking out or not.  As the days turned to months I pretty much forgot about it until recently.  The movie’s existence seemed like something I saw in dream.

Finally stories popped up this week on multiple sites the reason for the delay and an eventual release date.  The problem was the villains were The Chinese and they had to digitally change them to North Koreans because no studio wanted to be responsible for releasing a film depicting China in a negative light since China has become a huge player in the film market and probably because they’re richer than us.

Kicking the bee hive that is North Korea seems no better but what are you gonna do.  They had to digitally recreate certain scenes and change all the villains digitally as well, sounds like such a mess but this film has a distributor (FilmDistrict) and a 2012 TBI release date.  Now i wasn’t really clamoring for this film to come out, I was just curious since it’s now a 3 year old movie and has never seen the light of day.  Also the curiosity of the ideas of the original film mirror what’s happening in the middle east but with us as the insurgents, I wanted to see how these ideas would be released.  All may be for not because unfortunately movies that get held back in it’s release for whatever reason usually suck, so take that for what its worth.

That’s it for now….ok one more thing….





~ by ATOM on September 28, 2011.

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  1. Get up there and piss in the radiator!

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