Ultimate Comics: X-Men-Review

This week was a big comic book week, but one book in particular I was looking forward to was Ultimate X-men. This one was in my opinion the best in the whole ultimate reborn series books. I like Medina’s art, I know some people are skeptics but I think its very fitting for the X-men, and Spencer is a very good, up and coming writer.

Starts out with Jean Grey arriving at someone’s house that has a mutant child. This started off slow then had a real twisted end. When Jean Grey asked where the father and daughter were, the woman upstairs sighed, and then a shotgun blasts goes off. KRAKKADOOM!!! Turns out the father decided the world would be a horrible place for his daughter and killed her, that’s fucked up!!!! The whole story revolves around the fact that America created mutants by accident, calling it a virus. Ever since Ultimatum mutants have been put in concentration camps and shot on sight that’s some serious shit right there. I didn’t really like the whole twist that man basically created mutants at FIRST, but with Spencer writing, it’s beginning to grow on me, its very different from the norm which I like. The team hasn’t really been fully formed yet but it’s still only issue one. I like the fact that Human Torch is on the X-Men. He even stated that he got his powers by a science experiment so he’s the same as them, which is true in a way. It was good to see Colossus and Storm back in this book although they are still in the camps. Colossus seems to be worse off being zapped by electric prods. That’s only going to end badly for the guards. Wolverine’s son is a pretty likable character and he seems to resemble some of his father’s qualities, SNIKT! Even Quicksilver popped up in this issue, which was cool nice of them to finally have him show up since to the end of Ultimatum when he oh I don’t know MURDERED Cyclops.   I was very pleased with this book, and can’t wait for the next one to see how the team forms. Buy this book its worth it!

Story – A-

Artwork – B


~ by ATOM on September 22, 2011.

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