In Theaters and on DVD



Opening this week.

Moneyball:  Based on a book by Michael Lewis; this is a true (somewhat) account of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane as he changed the approach of how to manager a small market team.  Sounds boring I know but Aaron Sorkin co-wrote the screenplay and Brad Pitt is staring, I may this over the weekend. 93% so far on RT.  Also I’d like to make a point that while Brad Pitt being in this movie will makes it very marketable if they wanted someone who looked identical to title character Billy Beane, why not Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane.

Killer Elite: Jason Statham vs Clive Owen’s mustache with Robert Dinero playing the helpless victim while saying “you” alot.  I walked by the Tuesday sneak preview and it was packed but this is doing poorly on RT at 27%.  I’ll pass.

Dolphin Tale:  A moving story about the pursuit of making a tasty tuna fish sandwich.  Actually it’s strangers ban together to save a Dolphin but holy hell this movie is standing at a whooping 100% on RT right now. But it only has 6 official review so don’t get too excited.

DVD/Blu-Ray this week.

Bridesmaids:  Every fiber of my manhood wrote this off as a cliché chickflick girls falling down in front of successful men and singing into spatula but everything I’ve heard is of the contrary.  This was one of the biggest hits of the summer and was twice the movie that The Hangover 2 wished it could be.  90% on Rotten Tomatoes,

Modern Family season 2: This Emmy award-winning show is worth most of the praise that is heaped upon this show.

Hawaii 5-0 season 1:  I watched the first episode of this show and enjoyed it but apparently not enough to watch another episode.  Honestly I didn’t dislike it, I just think there was something better on in its time slot.  Anyhow season 1 is out today and also a note on contention is that season 2 sees the addition of Terry O’Quinn who played John Locke on Lost and is somewhat underrated as an actor.


~ by ATOM on September 21, 2011.

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