Drive: Review

Where to start with this movie, ho boy!  Drive is a film by Nicolas Winding Refn about a man (Ryan Gosling) who is a hollywood stunt driver and moonlights as a wheelman for hire resulting in what happens with a job gone terribly wrong.  I want to preface this by saying I absolutely loved this film and is one of my favorite of the year, but I want to say this movie was terribly marketed.  It’s not a heart pumping car chase flick in the vein of Fast and The Furious but closer to an art house A History of Violence/Taxi Driver 80’s neo-noir. I can foresee  another complaint about this movie will be that it’s slow which is somewhat true but you get used to it quickly and it no longer seems as such. It begins to feel moody, quiet, cold, calculated and intense. The film also moves exactly as it’s main character moves and the tone and feel mirror the Driver character.  There are times when someone will ask the Driver character a question and he answers with just a cold stare that says more than any dialog could actually say.

This movie is very style and tone where no piece of film is wasted, with every shot being so meticulous that it’s easy to see why this won best director in Sundance.  There’s a lot of stuff I really can’t talk about without spoiling the hell of it this flick.  The violence in this movie is almost nightmarish at times and had me sometimes wincing at certain shots but loving the hell out of it.  Another great aspect of this film is it’s score which is cool, stylish and haunting at times.

The cast of this film is really well put together with Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Carey Mulligan, Oscar Issac and Ron Pearlman as supporting pieces which are all excellent in this film and rounds out an over-all excellent film.  If you really want to amerce yourself in a great piece of film making, check out Drive

A (see it in the theaters)

bonus soundtrack


~ by ATOM on September 21, 2011.

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