Night of Champions: Predictions and Arm-chair booking.

Sunday Night is WWE’s Night of Champions and I’m going to weight in with some predictions of what I think will go down, offer some insight and share some rumors about the future and do some arm-chair booking.

First off this PPV doesn’t have as much buzz as Money in the Bank and Summerslam did, both of which were homeruns, but this one seems like a lot of setting up future stories, etc.  Will it be exciting, I’m sure it’ll have it’s ups and down as they iron out some crappy stories lines over the last month and a few intriguing ones.  Here they go one by one.

Fatal Four Way (US Title Match) Ziggler, Swagger, Morrison, and Alex Riley.  This match is very muddled and I think poorly put together for a few reasons.  The feud they “tried” to build was Ziggler and Swagger but because the WWE is still uncomfortable putting two heels in a match they throw in Morrison and Riley who have no chance at winning this match.  Morrison will be good for a few spots and Riley will attempt a variety of finishing moves that are not his to use which will probably leave Ziggler and Swagger.  I like to think the WWE is smart enough to realize Dolph Ziggler is a blue chip talent and should be treated as such. Swagger on the other hand has never been over no matter how hard they’ve pushed him.

Prediction:Dolph Ziggler

Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase (Intercontinental Title) It’s cute how their giving Ted a title match for no good reason.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly: I don’t really care who wins this as long as it’s an entertaining match.  Kelly has certainly stepped up her game as of late and honestly I like Beth a lot but her work has been up and down as of late.  I look for an interesting (for a divas match) bout and I honestly think they’re gonna keep Kelly on her run and let her win again.

Prediction: Kelly Kelly

Miz and R-Truth vs Air-Boom:  If the rumors are true and the WWE is going to legit push tag-team wrestling then this is sort of the kick off to that movement.  The precursor was giving Air-Poof the straps and I think the logical step would be to give them a legit victory and have them hold the straps.  I love what The Miz and Truth have done the last few weeks and they don’t need gold to be entertaining.   Just come out and ramble about Spiders and Ninjas and I’m a happy camper.  Air-Blart needs to up the offensive attack and really shine because a PPV is a good platform to prove your legit.

Prediction: Air-Boof

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry (WWE World Heavyweight Title):  Now I am a huge of CM Punk but if anyone should be playing up the whole “being held down” angle it’s Mark Henry.  I don’t have to go through the down right embarrassing bullshit this man has had to endure over the years.  Now he’s being set up as an unstoppable force but unfortunately Orton has lost the Heavyweight Title via luggie to the mouth at Money in Bank so it’s unlikely he’ll lose at Night of Champions.  If they want to keep Henry on this roll it’ll probably be via DQ or countout but Orton will keep the title.

Prediction: Randy Orton

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena (WWE Title) This will be an easy one in my opinion but crazier things have happened.  Cena has “no chance in hell”  beating Del Rio at Night of Champions.  Since Royal Rumble the WWE has planned for Del Rio to be the champion at some point and his time is now till Survivor Series.  Plus unfortunately as the WWE so often does, they released a promo picture of Survivor Series with the Rock and Cena claiming they will be fighting together


Obviously Survivor Series will have to feature a WWE title match and Cena won’t be in it.  Of course it’s possible Cena wins the strap here and loses it at the next PPV but I just don’t see that happening.  Reguadless of the outcome this should be a decent match, Del Rio has been prone to step up his game at Pay-per-views.

Prediction: Alberto Del Riiiiiiiiiiiiio

CM Punk vs Triple H: Not sure if this is the main event but it’s really the only match they have really built up over the last couple of weeks.  Thinking back to Summerslam it’s weird that this is what it’s come down to.  After the interference of Kevin Nash a showdown between him and Punk seemed immanent and maybe a show down with Triple H down the road.  I guess maybe one could say that was part of the development to throw in Nash and then take him out, who knows.  Will this be a good match? That remains to be seen.  Sometimes a no DQ stipulation can be a red herring because it makes it easier to brawl because one or both of them can’t go.  Look at the Triple H/Taker mania match, it was no DQ with a few good spots but it was mostly both guys lying on the mat cause they couldn’t go.  Triple H has wrestled once in the past 2 years so who the hell knows what kinda wrestling shape he’s in.  We know Punk can hold his own but like his Cena matches you need two good performers to put on a good show.  As far as a winner I have to go with Punk for a few reasons.  Triple will be stripped of being COO which seems like the direction they’re looking to go.   Secondly, it’s too public that Triple H has held down guys in the past and if Punk does a clean job for H then it will look bad.  Also I think Punk should win for the simple reason that he’s deserve it.  How he wins will be a different question.  If they want to keep him around as an anti-hero and he wins clean, than awesome, I’ll take it.  Problem is in the back of my mind I don’t think Nash is gone and will have something to do with the outcome of this match, the more I think about it I fairly certain of this.  Weather he joins with Punk or acts on behalf of Johnny Ace who knows, but it’ll happen.  Ultimately I enjoyed CM Punk much more in the villains role, he’s far more effective and comfortable but the problem is Cena will be wrapped up in his feud with The Rock for awhile and I think they feel CM Punk can acts a secondary top face as we head toward mania.

Prediction: CM Punk


Further more if I could armchair book for a moment, I foresee this happening; if Rock and Cena are indeed going to be fighting at Mania and hopefully not for the world title then I believe Punk should stay in his anti-hero role and go on to win the Royal Rumble to face….The Miz at Wrestlemania.  That’s right I predict The Miz will find a way to hold the title going into Wrestlemania in Miami this year.

Unless Stone Cold decides to wrestle Punk, then throw this whole thing in the garbage.  Obviously Punk and Austin would be way more interesting. As I close this out  let’s look back at CM Punk and Stone Cold Steven Austin’s first encounter way back when.

Yup! That's a young Punk with Austin being Photobombed by the late great Bulldog.





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