Ultimate Comics Spiderman #1 (Review)

This week I picked up the all-new Ultimate Comics Spiderman Writen by Brian Michael Benis and Art by Sara Pitchelli.  I have been seeing some controversy over this new Spiderman online. People are mad cuz he’s Hispanic, he’s only in middle school, and people are refusing to read because its not Peter Parker. Yes we still live in a day and age where people are racist about a goddamn comic book character, pretty fucking ridiculous. I mean it’s just the Ultimate Spidey not the Amazing Spiderman Spidey. I can understand people being upset that Peter Parker got killed and there’s a whole new person to get to know. Isn’t this what the ultimate universe is all about, being an alternative and up to date version of the Marvel Characters? doing things the other universe can’t, so it should be expected, I mean they killed Cyclops and Wolverine two heavy hitters. If you don’t like the idea of this new Spiderman then stick to the regular universe its as simple as that. Nonetheless I’ve embraced this change and I decided to review it.

So this book is basically the same origin story as Peter Parker except with some minor differences. Them being a spider escaping Osborne’s lab via Miles Morales’ uncle, who by the way was either dressed as Deadpool oddly enough and obviously this is a juxtaposition to Peter Parker origin where the Uncle helps him become Spiderman in a round about way . The issue also seemed really short, I felt like it was over in a couple pages, it wasn’t too original following pretty much the same formula as the original with the obvious twist on the Uncle character. I didn’t dislike the entire issue,  it had some fresh moments without getting too specific, and this time there’s a twist with his spider powers…camouflage! (fart) So I’m curious to find out where this goes and how he uses them. I have a hunch he’s going to end up having a confrontation with the uncle etc. I’ll probably check out the second one, read it if you’re curious (but remember its in a polybag so good luck).

Story – C+
Artwork – B-



~ by ATOM on September 16, 2011.

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