To Blu-Ray or not Blu-Ray

When Blu-Ray and HD DVD decided to have their battle royal to determine who would be the next popular format of movie watch, I sat on the sidelines and waited to back the winner.  So when Blu-Ray emerged victorious like any red-blooded American, I hope right on the band wagon and got me a blu-ray player.  (PS3) Well as most people I enjoy the shit out of blu-ray movies and I tried to push this on to people like an uncorrupted teenager and most people wouldn’t budge.  “Why invest in Blu-Ray when I have all these DVDs?” They would ask me and I finally have a decent answer and it is this;  This will be the final tangible carrier of movies and tv you own.  Blu-ray is it ladies and gentleman, the next thing will be some type of hard drive where you will store movies or what not.  Doesn’t matter that you have invested in a shit load of DVDs because eventually (in my opinion) they probably won’t be sold soon…and then blu-ray may follow suit.   This started with Blockbuster going under, the second sign was Netflix upping the price of sending you dvds.  It wasn’t to price gouge you it was to phase them out because streaming makes them a boat load of cash and they don’t make as much with the discs.  Don’t let your love affair for DVD’s sour the experience of Blu-Ray because I’m sure both of them will be null and void before you know it.  That being said check out IGN’s top 25 Blu-Ray features to help influence what you buy.


~ by ATOM on September 14, 2011.

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