Hesher: Movie Review

Hesher is a about a young boy named TJ (Devin Brochu) and his father (Rainn Wilson) dealing with the lose of his wife (and mother of the boy) in a car accident and how their lives intersect with a long haired, dirty, heavy metal listening, blowing shit up Hell-boy named Hesher.  Also staring Natalie Portman as the dirty, nerdier version of the manic pixie girl.  The father and son’s life is total shit when Hesher (Joseph Gordon Levitt) enters the picture and he starts by terrorizing  TJ because TJ throws a rock through the window of the abandoned house Hesher is squatting in.  Soon after their encounter Hesher just deicides to move in with TJ and his father and oh boy does hilarity ensue.

Once Hesher decides to move in you are just waiting and waiting for this movie to turn into a slapstick comedy because it’s characters and premise are borderline ridiculous.  This movie has a slow pulse to start as it decides to be a moppy indy drama with TJ and his Dad having a mumbling battle for most of the film.  It’s Levitt’s title character Hesher that is the obvious scene stealer.  Refered to in another review beautifully as the heavy metal Mary Poppins.  The problem I have with this film is that I feel the writer of this script came up with this character and then had to come up with a movie to support him.  Sometimes funny, sometimes very depressing, it’s only accomplishment is the Hesher character and the performance of Joseph Gordon Levitt.  He nails the character’s unpredictability and tough as nails borderline insanity.  Only someone as good as Levitt could play this character total bad-ass nut-job all the way through and still be able to believably add a scene of vulnerability towards the end of the film and make it work.

The film tries it’s best to say many things but fails to say much in the long run.  Natalie Portman is pretty forgettable but not at her detriment, her character has very little attention paid to her short of one touching scene where she falls apart and I thought was very effective.  Another good performance comes from Piper Laurie who plays the Grandmother and her relationship with Hesher ends up being the most interesting plot point through the entire film.  Finally the music featured in this movie sets the tone for the character of Hesher quite well because most time he’s on screen old school Metallica and Motorhead is usually following him along.  Bottom line this movie had the potential to be really good given a lot of it’s elements but never really gets there.

C- (Decent movie that accomplishes very little. Rent it just for Levitt’s performance)


~ by ATOM on September 14, 2011.

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