Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday

Opening: Spoiler; This Raw awkward and under produced and since they mailed it in I shall do the same.  It started with coming out of the open with Del Rio already inside the ring.  He’s in the middle of boosting about beating Rey Mistedio and how he retired Etch when Bret Hart comes down to the ring.  First thing I notice is he traded in his Jorts for some Cargos, good for him.  They banter back and forth when Juan Cena finally makes his way down to the ring and tells Del Rio to go back to Mexico. (Not kidding) After cutting through the palpable racism they decide on a tag match between Cena and Hart vs Del Rio and his announcer.  I smell a punk, kick struggle.

Riley and Morrison vs Ziggler and Swagger

This is angle is not growing on me unless they want to turn Ziggler face which I think would work.  Ziggler costs Swagger the match because he hates him and so do I.

Winner: Morrison and Riley.

Miz and Truth walk backstage to the ring to talk about conspiracies and what have you (Truth says the N-word….Ninja, what were you thinking?) and their match with Air-Boof at Night of Champions.  This sets up a match with Miz and Kofi Kingston, me thinks this has happened before

Miz vs Kofi

Miz controls the match most of the way and gets a clean win.  I predict this tag match will be good at NOC and if the WWE does not really believe in Air-Wolf then they may put the straps on Miz and Truth which I would be OK with.

Cena/Hart vs Del Rio/Ricardo

Hart garnered most of the crowds attention which I thought was a bad thing because no one seemed to like or hate Del Rio and most of the crowd seemed pretty Anti-Cena.  Del Rio bailed mid match so Hart could beat Ricardo with a sharpshooter.  I like seeing Bret on TV as he’s one of my all-time favorites but they need to stop pretending he can wrestle because he can’t.

The King vs McGillicutty/Otunga fued???? continues with another mystery tag partner.  This time it’s Sheamus.

Lawler/Sheamus vs Perfectly Boring (Otunga and McGillicutty) Sheamus just kicks the ever living shit out of each guy and gets the pin fall, done and done.

Kelly Kelly vs Vickie

This match was thrown together backstage and really just a filler as Vickie botches the opening move and it all falls to shit there after.  Kelly gets an easy win which leads to melodrama with Ziggler and Swagger which works on NO level what so ever.

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhoads: This is a redux of last weeks Smackdown main event.  A good match with Cody bringing his A-game and his new edition of tights looking straight outta the Haines 5 pack.  Henry distracts Orton and Cody hits Crossroads and get the pin falls.  Henry then enters the ring and uses a chair and beat the Tattoos off of Orton’s back.

CM Punk/Triple H Segment:  The main event for Raw was billed as a confrontation between Punk and H and this one actually delivered where it had fallen short the last three weeks.  First off doesn’t it seem that Triple H and CM Punk exists in some type of an alternate universe apart from the WWE where they know things are scripted and everyone else does not.  CM Punk can also pull people in and out of this universe like he did to Cena for two months and now he’s doing it with Triple H.

First note of contention is Punk mentions how H did a good thing and fired that charisma-less ratings killer Kevin Nash.  First off I don’t think Nash is gone and second Punk was right, Nash was embaressing on the mic.  I pointed out something to my friends about old Kevin Nash NWO/WCW promos.  The NWO would walk down to the ring for 15 minutes and then Nash would sit there and slowly drop a promo toward the crowd about who ever he didn’t like that week, no time for anyone else to talk, he didn’t have to be on his toes.  Now fast forward to now and when he tries to do the same thing but now in person to a quick whitted CM Punk and it just spells disaster for Nash.

Now this whole breaking down the 4th wall started as interesting but it’s getting boarderline scary.  Now to me this is a sports themed television show, it’s got the athletisim of a sporting event, mixed with drama, an added element of mystery and fact that it’s performed live sets it apart from alot of things on television.  Wrestling is just different and that why I have alwas enjoyed it.  Now last week Punk mentioned how Triple H has been hitting people with sledghammers for years and hasn’t killed anyone.  With that line I started to feel uncomfortable, it was as if an actor during a play stopped and apologise for a bad line of dialog saying something like “hey I didn’t write it”  You just gotta keep running with the story, we know it’s scripted and fake but you don’t have to tell us.  Well this week with the Triple H Punk confrontation I realized that when H saw the original shoot/promo from Punk, the first one in the Austin shirt he wanted to capture that lightning in a bottle with Punk saying things he shouldn’t like calling Triple H Paul and having the mics die out again.  I thought this segment was effective and probably did more to sell Night of Champions than any of the title matches, but I think the breaking down the 4th wall is getting boardline dangerous, but still very exciting and different…I guess I’m pretty conflicted.  Good finish to a really shitty Raw and this promo really made me want to watch atleast the CM Punk/Triple H match.  Night of Champions is sunday which I will review in real time Sunday night.


~ by ATOM on September 13, 2011.

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