New on DVD and Theaters this week.



Thor: Thor is a movie about Thor doing Thor shit!…duh! Seriously no need to write a synopsis for a Marvel flick: Basic Superhero fights stuff etc.  Kenneth Branagh directs this film and does a decent job at it.  It’s worth a Blu-Ray buy for the Asgard scenes alone, but this was my least favorite of the Superhero movies this summer. ( Marvel only…didn’t see Green Lantern)

Hesher: Despite only having a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes I am still looking forward to this Joseph Gordon Levitt vehicle Hesher staring JGL and Natalie Portman.  The clips I saw of this looked really good but I hear the story is kinda of muddled and says very little.  We’ll see, I’m still buying it…it’s fuckin JGL as an insane metal head who kicks ass, Its a buy!

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop: A documentary following around Conan O’Brien during his hiatus after being let go of the Tonight Show and before re-starting his show on TBS.  79% on RT and the trailer looks funny, probably not a buy but worth checking out, reviews to follow.


In Theater’s this week:  The last few weeks have been a turd in the rain as far as theater releases go but this week looks a bit more promising.  Let’s see whats on the horizon this weekend.

Drive: Ryan Gosling stars as a Hollywood Stunt driver by day and heist get-away driver by night.  This flick looks more  modern day Bullet than Fast and the Furious and a very high Tomato rating of 93% positive.  This promises to be a fresh take on the car chase movie and I’m along for the ride! (Entertainment Weekly, here i come!)

Straw Dogs: A remake of the Dustin Hoffman starred 70’s revenge flick, looks promising but seems like it could go either way.  In its time the original was controversial for it’s violent content but today unless your sowing heads into asses it’s not really gonna cause a ripple in your undies.  No tomato score yet, I’m waiting for reviews myself.

I Don’t know how she does it: For those of you with no balls, here’s a cinematic reverse boner staring Sarah Jessica Parker.  A movie about a successful woman in the working world but unlucky in love.  This synopsis was complete made up off the top of my head but I bet it’s really close to the actual plot, go ahead check I dare you.  Christina Hendrick’s from Mad Men and Olivia Munn from being hot and annoying on the internet are also in this and I hope they tapped down their boobs or cover their faces in mud because if they share any screen time with SJP it may enhance the her horsh’ish good looks.

Bonus: Now I’m not 13 anymore so a movie with a guy in a wig who talks funny isn’t gonna trick into the theater, the same can’t be said about the general public but it’s a work in progress.  So when Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star hit the theaters this weekend it made shit for money (good job everyone!) and also did this….

0% not 1 positive review.  Bwahahahahaha!



~ by ATOM on September 12, 2011.

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