Sucker Punch (Review)

Sucker Punch is an epic fantasy adventure film about a young girl (Baby Doll played by Emily Browning) who’s troubled mind takes the audience into an imaginary fantasy world resembling an elaborate Japanese anime/video game.  Baby Doll and the other girls she is locked up with Sweat Pea (Abbie Cornish) Rocket (Jena Malone who finally got hot) Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung) inside a mental hospital take part in her adventure trying to escape.   This is your basic plot and this is my review of Sucker Punch.

Now the basis for this movie is hot under dressed chicks fight giant monsters with machine guns directed by visual Guru Zack Snyder, that should have been enough to get my ass inside a movie theater for this, but due to what I thought was piss poor promotion and a sever beating by movie critics I said “eh” and decided not to see this until it came out on DVD.  I have to preface this review by saying I’m a huge Zack Snyder fan and I think he gets a bad rap as a director.  His remake of Dawn of the Dead was a lot better than people gave it credit for and he did what I thought was “as good” a job anyone could have done with Watchmen.  It might have been to his detriment that it was marketed as an action movie and was poorly received which I thought maybe Sucker Punch would be a retaliation to those sentiments and I was correct.  Watchmen was a more narrative driven story where as Sucker Punch is just a heart pounding, action packed, beautiful mess of a movie.  Snyder spends most of the film genre hoping in the fantasy sequences.  Today we’re making a world war 2 zombie nazi movie, tomorrow maybe a Lord of the Rings style fantasy epic, and it’s this that is the films heart and Achilles heels.

I can’t talk much about the plot aside from what i said up top because it would ruin most of the ideas behind the movie and honestly it really doesn’t matter here.  I’m first the shat upon movies that have no plot or story and just dive into the action but here I didn’t mind because Snyder has just a awe inspiring visual style you can forgive his sins of not being able to tell an interesting story.  The use of CGI in this film is really well done and doesn’t distract you which is all I ask for in my special fx.  Another thing I love about Snyder’s films is his use of sound and soundtrack which he is excellent and but does beat you about the face and ears once in a while. Character wise non of the girls really stand out, except for looking beautiful there isn’t much going on.  One performance does stand out and that is of main antagonist Blue Jones played menacingly by Oscar Isaac.  Also Carla Gugino does a really bad Russian (I think) accent and Jon (honey) Hamm shows up for a hot minute.

I think a huge part of my enjoyment was my lowered expectation because I knew ahead of time to put story aside and enjoy the action, because non of the action scenes are really justified, they are just there to be enjoyed.  That aside this movie was compared a lot to Battle Los Angeles where theres no story just a ton of action and I disagree because Sucker Punch had an idea for an intricate story that is mishandled.  It’s not difficult to follow, I do understand that we’re delving into a fantasy withith a fantasy but it just builds toward almost nothing. Initially I really enjoyed this movie until the final minute where it completely loses it’s sense of purpose and just kinda just sucks it’s way through to the end credits.  That being said this movie is not a waste of your time, see it, enjoy the visuals and imagine how good a Zack Snyder Superman film “could be”

C+ (Not a lot of Story or Characters but a great visual feast, See it, don’t buy)


~ by ATOM on September 11, 2011.

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