Comic Pick of the Week: Detective Comics #1

It’s September and that means it’s time for DC Comics 52 relaunch. Just another marketing ploy to have a ton of people gobble up all the number one’s, to make MONEY! Regardless I grabbed Detective Comics #1, no polybag (THAT… I liked, so it’s already starting off good).

The story for this issue rekindles the old rivalry between Batman and the Joker, which is always good. Unfortunately, not a lot happened in this issue that really blew me away. I mean how many times can you tell this story!? The action was cool, but I felt it was missing something. Apparently the Joker is trying to have someone (who he kills) perform surgery on his face. Batman eventually shows up and tries to apprehend the Joker, but a bomb goes off and he’s left empty handed. Throughout the story Batman is trying to figure out what goes on inside the Joker’s head, but isn’t that like every time???? You would think Batman being a master detective and borderline genius would be able to figure him out after all this time, but no. I know that’s how it goes with the Joker, the unpredictability and randomness but how many times can you recycle this? Eventually he actually does apprehend him and send him to Arkham, but as it turns out that seemed like part off his plan. Dollmaker who’s the father of the man the Joker killed earlier in the issue and a huge fan shows up and performs the surgery leaving the Joker’s face nailed to the wall, now THAT was a cool panel! So that was it, this is probably leading up to something cool but I have yet to be impressed by Tony Daniel, so I definitely don’t have high hopes for this arc. Nothing new and exciting about this issue… I wouldn’t bother picking it up.





~ by ATOM on September 8, 2011.

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