Top 5 Football Movies of all time.

Ready for some football!?

Football season has hit us like a spear tackle and despite my nerdy exterior I do enjoy a good sporting contest just as much as the average Jose.  It’s my belief that football is the most exciting sport to be watched on TV, so I do find it strange that in the movie world football doesn’t get a ton of love.  So I went digging into the achieve and came up with MY (not the) top 5 Football movies of all time.  So put on some eye black, get some chips, bud light (or Mic Ultra, I don’t judge) and lets get ready for some football….MOVIES!

#5: Remember The Titans: Now before you roll your eyes because this movie is on at 3pm every saturday on disney or FX or what have you.  This movie as a whole is pretty solid.  It’s for that very reason this had to make the list because a lot like say “Saved by the Bell”  there comes a time in your life when you’ve seen every episode of Saved by the Bell having shit on it for years because of how campy and stupid it is until one day you realize you fucking love it!  That’s what happened with this movie, I kept watching it until I realized it kinda rules.  The football itself is pretty involved in it’s mechanics to the same than say a “nessesary roughness” bullshit level.  Add in racial tensions being absolved, Will Paton and Denzel Fuck Washington and you’ve got a solid flick.

"She's got a great ass!"

#4 Any Given Sunday:  Now for an Oliver Stone film, this is honestly kind of a turd, but for a sports film it’s spot on.  Especially the douchieness that this film captures that was really ushered in around this time in the sports world.  Made in 1999, which I think is the genesis of sports stars becoming the new rock-stars and Oliver Stone captured that perfectly.  Go back and watch this movie and you find a lot of parallels to some stories of today and god damn it Dennis Quaid looks a hell of a lot like Bret Favre.  You can’t talk about this movie without also mentioning the cast which is awesome, ton of stars and even some that weren’t stars then that are today.  Most underrated performance is by an unknown actor named James Woods as the crooked team doctor who would later go on become a star on the hit show Family Guy.

#3 Friday Night Lights:  This goes as a double pick because this is a really good honest football movie, everything that the shitball of a movie Varsity Blues was not.  The double being the TV show that proceeded this movie is by far superior and is one of the BEST dramas on TV over the last 5 years.  Rolling your eyes? Go watch the first season on netflix and get back to me in 2 days because you’ll have finished it that quickly.  In all seriousness Friday Night Lights is a great TV show, one that I refused to watch until finally held at gun point (sorta) I watched it and was immediately hooked.  What really makes this movie/show great is it does not hesitate to show you how batshit crazy and boardline insane people get over “High School” football.


#2 The Longest Yard. (1974) It’s a sad sad day when you make any type of top whatever list of movies and you constantly have to put dates next to movies.  I have to in this case to make clear that I’m not talking about that shit heap of a remake with Adam Sandler as a tough quarter back. (wanking motion) I know people enjoyed that flick but the original was by far superior on almost every level, number one being originality which is rarely celebrated now-a-days.  This movie mixes brilliantly the awful, crude and unforgiving prison life with the uplifting underdog story, add in a dash of comedy and bam! Movie Gold.

#1 Rudy: I have to preface this by saying two things in particular.  First being I know most of this movie is bullshit, from what I’ve read it was a lot more patronizing how it really went down and the actual Rudy was kind of a douche.  Secondly I didn’t want to make this number one or maybe just omit it all together but if I did that I wasn’t being honest with myself.  As cliched as this movie is, it’s equally fucking awesome.  It’s pure middle-America uplifting cheese with a shot of lemon juice in your eyes at the end.  A few things that do set this movie apart very subtly is it’s 1960’s whole some “wish I were there” setting, an amazing score (by Jerry Goldsmith), and the performances by not just Sean Austin, but Charles S. Dutton and Ned Beatty as the father figures to Rudy.  For all of the cynicism that I display in this blog a movie like Rudy is truly why we watch movies in the first place.  You totally live through this character all the way through and it really pays off in the end.  Something new that popped up recently in movies over the past 5 years or so is when I see a movie in the theater people clap at the end.  It happens very frequently as if to give your approval even though there is no one responsible for making this piece of art in ear shot, let alone miles from where you are.  As far as I’m concerned if this movie was released today, that theater explode into Notre Damn Stadium during the final scene of the film.  People would storm the screen and tear it to piece chanting “Rudy!, Rudy!, Rudy!”

Now thank jeebiz there was no lock out so we can enjoy another season of football!


~ by ATOM on September 8, 2011.

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  1. Rudy was offsides.

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