This week in Theaters and on DVD.

If you've seen Diary of a Hooker, you would be doing yourself a great injustice if you miss this movie.

In Theaters this week.

*First I want to say I went to my first 3D IMAX this weekend where I finally saw the last Harry Potter flick.  The movie was pretty good, I did especially enjoy when Nevile destroyed the Deflector Shield on Endor and Harry was able to finally blow up the Death star.  Regardless of the movie, this 3D shit needs to end.  First off it’s 18 fuck dollars.  For that I could buy the movie and watch it in my undies with a bag of chocolate peanut butter bugles resting comfortably on my crotch, nobody texting their friend in the next theater over, and not getting a side splitting headache from the giant 3D glasses resting on my face that the guy who wore them before me may have in fact wiped them up and down his balls for all I know. Fuck 3D, its a stupid gimmick and it needs to die.  (sigh) Ok got that off my chest.  Now on the this weeks movies.

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star:  Oddly enough this Happy Madison shit ball was not screened for critics which can only mean great things are a foot.  A touching story of some shit stain loser who sets off the LA to be a porn star.  I’m sorry but I think these Happy Madison movies suck.  Everyone praises Grandma’s Boy, a lot of my friends think that’s a legit funny movie but I must have missed something.  I mean I’m no stick in the mud, i enjoy a good fart sniffing as much as the next guy, but these movies just don’t do it for me.

Warrior: Tom Hardy and Some other dude wrestler around inside the octagon in this mixed martial arts drama about two brothers forced to do battle.  I did ultimately dismissed this movie at first because all of the movies prior to this that have tried to capitalize on the UFC boom look fucking awful.  (FIGHTING! serious it’s called fucking Fighting????) But this movie is getting a lot of praise from critics and it’s directed Gavin O’Connor who made “Miracle” which was a movie I wanted to hate so much I couldn’t because it was a legit entertaining movie.

Contagion: The world is falling apart as an airborne epimemic which kills it’s victims in days is sweeping the globe.  This Outbreak’ish movie has a really good cast with the likes of Matt Damon, Kate Winslett (hatchie matchie!) Cowboy Curtis Fishburne, Jude Law, Marion Cortillard (the crazy bitch from Inception) and a mop with a blond wig that’s supposed to be Gweneth Paltrow.  So far so good on RT posting 82% positive for advance screenings.


Hanna: Staring Eric Bana! (eh!?) It’s Bana, a 16 Year old girl, Finland, Revenge thriller.  Never heard of this movie but those are the important points I picked up online about this flick.  68% on Rotten Tomatoes seems decent but this one slipped under my radar.  Check it out if you like movies about stuff.

Everything Must Go: The story of a used car salesman who has lost everything including his job, family, home, etc…sound like a real yuck fest, sign me up.  Oh and it’s staring Will Farrell…not being funny. Sign me up twice.  Well it’s 76% on Rotten Tomatoes so maybe if it pops up on Netflix I’ll give it a whorl.

DVD of the Week: X-Men: First Class.  Special release date for this is Friday but that is still THIS week so it is Pop Junk’s DVD of the Week.  Mathew Vaughn directs in my opinion the best installment of the franchise.   I might sound biased being such a big X-men fan but I have a blog so my opinion matters more than yours. (Review to come friday for the Bluray) Seriously if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it and it’s at 87% positive at Rotten Tomatoes so suck it!

That’s your movies for this week, what else do you want from me?


~ by ATOM on September 6, 2011.

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