Trailer Trash Holiday Edition

Coming Soon....fingers crossed.

Pop Junk here, after taking the weekend off we decided to give you a Monday edition of Trailer Trash.  Hope your Labor day weekend was filled with as little labor as possible.  Enjoy the show before the show.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil:  This drops September 30th in limited release I believe but you can find it on i-tunes right now, which I think I might because this movie looks pretty funny.  Much like Shawn of the Dead this movie takes a previous genre and turns it on it’s head.  Also Alan Tudyk is in it, so see it anyways.

Moneyball: Believe it or not, this geek actually enjoys sports and has read this book.  It’s like the Baseball nerd’s bible but it’s entertaining non the less and I look forward to seeing what Aaron Sorkin has done with the script.  I predict this will do poorly in the box office, you just get that feeling that this will fall on deaf ear.  I will be seeing this however, review soon after it’s release.

Abduction: Why not call this movie Abs-duction!? Am I right, eh, high five?  Cause he’s a handsome young…nevermind.  I saw this trailer in theaters this weekend and I think it looks really dumb. Seriously watch the trailer and explain to me why this girl happened to be trolling a missing kids message board from over 10 years ago for absolutely no reason”  My fiance informed me that this Taylor Lautner guy will go on to be a bigger than glittery tough guy Robert Pattenson.  Time shall tell.

The Thing: This remake of a 1982 horror film which was a remake of a 1950’s horror film will probably be bad and make a lot of money in the process.  The John Carpenter 1982 version is terrifyingly awesome, if you have never seen it, go flog yourself for being bad person, then buy it, rub it on your chest in satisfaction and watch it.  Anyways, here’s the trailer for the remake which was one thing ( git it ) going for it, which is Mary Elizabeth Winstead whom is one hot piece of ayse! Seriously though she’s very pretty, I would like to take her on a lovely date.  My fiance said it was cool.

Bonus Trailer


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